Wed 27-Nov Thissur
Drive to Thissur
Chain tree- british soldier begged directions from a tribal to get to sea port, then killed him and claimed he had discovered the route. Ghost entered tree and causes accidents on the road
9 hairpin bend descent
Monkeys at every stopping point
Rubber plantations all down side of hill 4th largest producer of natural rubber
Notice the skirts worn by the men. When too hot they turn up the hem and tuck into top
Temple elephants - all tied up only able to move a small distance
300 kg of fishtail palms per day
When one was about to get a bath he lay down to be scratched by mahoot, and moved his ear so he could be scratched there, then hurried off for the bath
Most of the elephants were swaying and rocking and moving head from side to side indicating boredom
Big temple, with big pool for washing beforehand. A school dance I think. Old painting
Hotel has a tank with doctor fish who nibble at your feet