Sat 23-Nov Bangalore -> Mysore
Fly to Bangalore, bus to Mysore
Bangalore traffic madness
Traffic cops in cowboy hats
Golf course
State govt buildings
Kids and adults marching
2nd phase of the metro
Rubbish is burnt on the street here too
Through town famous for wooden toys esp rocking horse
Lunch at maccas (veg and non-veg kitchens)
Coconuts are grown a lot locally and this is a local coconut market
Also sugar cane and rice
A garden house of a sultans palace with history of battles between French and english with india in between painted on walls
Sultans tomb
Coconuts being served
Timber products speciality of area
Mysore fortress
Spot where sultan murdered by English
Gate they bribed their way in through
Arrive at Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel built for guests who were non-veg or boozers