Fri 22-Nov Mumbai
Mumbai (city of dreams)
Hotel Taj which was blown up, note different brickwork
Hotel built 1903
India gate built 1911
Ferry to Elephanta island
Not allowed to take photos of naval area
Odd looking vessel is oil rig drill
Offshore oil unloading facility
Carvings of Shiva cut from granite rock
Deck hands went fishing while waitning for american tour group to return to boat 45mins
City tour
Exotic building is train station (gargoyles and white statues)
Mumbai has beaches on Arabian sea side and water frontages on the bay side
Cricket played a lot
Building with tall arches is a hospital
Park built on water reservoir
Next door to tower of silence where pharsee bodies are left in the open on death, and eaten by the vultures, who corcle, and were picking up bones and dropping in reservoir until covered
Billion dollar building that the billionaire doesn't live because it doesn't fit with his religion and needs modifications
Laundry village where people live in village where town's laundry is done cheaply with subsidised water supply
Vikram Singh (our North India guide).