Sun 17-Nov Jaipur to Agra
Bus to Agra
Fruit , veg stalls and bread stalls in the Jaipur suburbs, but similar in many towns passed thru and in Agra, though the towns looked less slum
Sandstone carving factory after factory
Small subdivided fields many worked by hand, some tractors, I only saw one ploughed by animal
Disk shaped briquettes of cow dung used for heating
Most trucks say "horn please" or "please honk", and "use dipper at night"
Also saw palm fronds being gathered, mostly see long straw perhaps from pampas grass?
Some trucks on the road are village made (unregistered) from a truck frame wreck but an engine from a household electricity generator as the truck motor
An even more crowded jeep travelling faster than the bus, so 90kph
More brick works
Jeep stopped to drop off and pick up passengers
Maharaja Palace hotel for lunch
Peter joining in the social cricket, and took a wicket
Puppet show with drummer with 20yr growth 2m wide moustache, coloured with henna, followed by puppet show of disco dancer and head loose michael jackson
Another world heritage fort with surrounding wall. The building with central pillar and 4 beams out was where emperor took audience. He accepted all religions and tried to make up his own with the best bits of islam, buddism, jain hinduism, but the muslims thought he was trying to be a replacement for mohamed. The pillar has carvings from all the religious styles.
Water reservoir
One of the wives was christian, and her house had paintings of people inside, unusual in a muslim emperor's house
Swimming pool
Women carrying earthenware pots on heads
Cricket is played in any vacant lot