Sat 16-Nov Jaipur
Diggi palace
Palace in city (palace of the winds)
Then Amber palace for in hills with large walls along surrounding mountain ridges and lake fortification
To which we get by elephant ride from the valley to the fort at the top of the hill.
The domes held water reservoir piped through the copper pipe with an air hole in the right dome. The water was run over a feligree with air from behind providing cooling
Hall of mirrors
Camels parked across street from water palace
Water palace
Block printing with 4consecutive blocks of different colour and fixed with vinegar
Carpet weaving, loop cutting, trimming, finally the back is blow torched to remove loose fibres
Some silk carpets are 1600 knots per sq inch
Snake charming at fort and later in old town. City palace
Donkeys and monkeys
White horse drawn carriage e.g. For a wedding