Fri 15-Nov New Delhi to Jaipur
Just driving New Delhi to Jaipur - 8 hours elapsed, though a couple of stops
Smoggy even early morning
Statue of Gandhi leading a march to the coast to break salt monopoly by british
Metro line
Ganesh on bus dash
First of many cows by the road
Commercial vehicles have to pay a tax as they move from state to state.
There is a new satellite town of Delhi where the new buildings and housing are
Children very close to the freeway
People wander across freeway and stand in middle of road near toll booths
Monkey on back of motorbike. Also saw some by side of road. Black faced monkeys are employed to scare away other variety of monkey in some hotels.
Buses and cars are very overloaded, here inside is full, so stand on bumper and hold on, at freeway speeds.
Cars go the wrong way on the freeway - just to the next turn, or to avoiding crossing the traffic. Then you also see u-turns, reversing, stopping on the freeway, and just pushing across at right angles.
Donkeys pulling carts, also saw horses and bullocks and others.
There are some grand looking housing / unit developments advertised, but reality seems to fall short. Also impressive gates to large house blocks or small estates, where nothing inside.
Crops are wheat and mustard. Mustard oil is used a lot for cooking where we would use olive oil.
There seem to be a lot of brickworks and you see a lot of bricks being transported, but they look crude bricks
Oil refinery in the middle of nowhere.
Power pole covered in vine.
Enter Rajasthan
Largish ants
Goat herd with goats.
Herd, not just individual cows in middle of road blocking one lane.
Green carpets being washed in preparation for the marriage season.
Some trucks and cars do have major bingles.
There are small standalone houses presumably surrounded by their field.
Many trailers being pulled by camel.
Jaipur is the pink city, but the pink in brochures is not the pink the old city walls are coloured which is much darker and is the original cause for the term.
After lunch our bus drove the wrong way down the freeway before heading left at rightangles to a gap in the fence stopping traffic in both directions.
Rajasthan has mountains, but these are very old unlike the young Himalayas.
There seem to be old forts on the hills
The couple are showing they have voted by the dye on the finger.
Family of 4 on a motor bike.
Concrete buildings seem to have wood framework prior to pour.
Pigs also through the slums (kept by the lower caste).
Donkeys also pulling carts.
Old city gate and walls and ochre colour.
Diggi palace where we are staying has marble floors and bathroom (no fridge though), lovely grounds and courtyard for the rooms.
Ancient (or 1910) entry doors in arched entry.
Traditional dancers.