Thu 14-Nov New Delhi
Multiple rollers in car park
Hotel is in guarded compound
More madness in traffic
Barricades dragged on road - no trailer
Tuk-tuks everywhere (auto-rickshaws). Larger ones later in day
Gas is delivered to homes by bicycle
Red & white Jain temple opposite fort
Fort with moat
Very heavyweight bike wheels repaired and manufactured as you watch
Dodgy electricals incl vines growing high on hv towers
Mosque. - largest congregation but mostly the crowd is in a courtyard because there is no big under cover area e.g. under a dome.
Cloth is hung over frames to provide shade of friday in ramadam
Women to wear coat worn backwards (hospital gown)
Goats on street
Chickens in cages and apparently slaughtered
Horses on road
Mahatma Gandhi memorial
Elephants on road
Past many major govt offices (all guarded)
India gate WW1 memorial
Huge parliment building with 240 columns
There are a few metro stadtions
Tall tower at mosque qutub complex
One double the height was started but abandoned we he died
Mosque built from stone from demolished jain and hindu temples hence the non-islamic decoration.
The iron tower has been in this location for 800 yrs, but is 1600 yrs old from carbon dating.
Some of the arches are shaped as arches but not structural because the indians ha d learned arches and domes
Service station where an attendant does your tyres
All the dogs look alike except for colouring
Mongul emporers Humayun's tomb (inspiration for Taj Mahal)