Wed 13-Nov New Delhi
Arrived Indira Gandhi airport New Delhi.
Huge queue thru immigration (one of our tour feinted waiting in queue)
Freeway to Royal Plaza Hotel.
Cows, slums, monkeys by the road. No concept of lanes or give way, just avoid crashs
President's house and many other buildings are in guarded compounds
Nothing really works. Look out window to factories that look abandoned, but have cars parked outside.
7:30 pm 90 mins to get to restaurant a couple of km away because of traffic jam on multiple roads in multiple directions. Bikes ridden in middle of it all incl right lane, motor bikes with woman and child passengers. Sidesaddle passengers. Motorbikes riding on footpath thru bus stops with people waiting.
At 10:30 pm it took under 10 mins as the jam had cleared. Huge load on a bicycle.