2012-05-11 Hemingway's Paris


10.30am Hemingway's Paris  

Explore this charming district in the Latin Quarter with the old houses of the Mouffetard market street, an impressive fragment of the medieval city wall, and the lovely historic church of St Etienne-du-Mont. It is associated with many writers: Joyce, Orwell, Balzac, Hugo, Verlaine and immortalised by Hemingway in A Moveable Feast. Meet at metro Cardinal Lemoine
Mouffetard was a poor working class area in the time of Hemingway and James Joyce. It was a settlement in Roman era and Rue Mouffetard was the road leading to Lyon. The wall still seen today in parts dates from 1200s. France was warring against the English, but wanted to also fight the crusades, so built a wall to protect the 50000 inhabitants. They won. Battle against the english, and population soared o 200000, making wall pointless. The wall ran out of money while being built, hence the cheaper stone used on top layer.
The grand Old Duke of York, who became King James II, was patron of this military building. It was built at street level at the upper carriage gate, but they lowered the road to make it easier for the animals, so they built under and installed new gates. When Duke died, his body parts were sent to organisations he was patron of. The arch windows on the left were the relicry.
Site from the movie "midnight in paris".
Stoning of st stephen
Rood screen, one of the few remaining.
Notice the street sign "rue neuve XX genevieve" where the saint was removed during the french revolution.
Oldest remaining iconic shop sign in paris