2012-05-10 left bank walking tour

Pont neuf
With some sort of film set
St sulpice church, never completed. The doric, ionic, corinthian columns an be see on the left, but the right the top is incomplete, but stone is partially prepared.
Inside paintings by delacroix
containing the french meridian. In da vinci code, the rose line. There are 2 holes in one of the windows, casting a shadow of a hanging ball in the church on the rose line. The obelisk somehow comes into it too.
St germain des pris (in the fields?). Oldest in paris, pope has to hoose whether to consecrate this or lay foundation for notre dame.
Cafe where surrealism were thought up ( existentialism was next door). Ame from two chinese figurines inside St germain des pris had statues beheaded uing the french revolution Stone mason signed the mark on these stones in the church to prove they worked on it Statuse by picasso was stolen, Found in a dump, placed in an unknowing own hall until someone complained, how can you afford a genuine picasso?
Museum of fine art
Bus tour
Musee d'orsay
love locks
Notre dame at night. The cruise boats have strong lights down the side to illuminate the buildings

10.30am Saint Germain-des-Pré
This tour captures the essence of Paris on the Left Bank: the old abbey church of St Germain, charming streets lined with bookstores and literary café old squares, artists' studios, the famous Paris Fine Arts School, the hotel where Oscar Wilde died, and the beautiful St Sulpice church, mentioned in the Da Vinci Code. Meet in front of the Church of St Sulpice (near metro St Sulpice)

(March to end November)

10.30am Saint Germain-des-PréThe essence of Paris on the Left Bank: . Meet in front of the Church of St Sulpice (near metro St Sulpice)