2012-05-08 Old amsterdam walking tour

Our room in hotel st nicholas has a sloping floor Dinner in building from 1659
#92 looks like a side street
There is a group of houses, not a convent, but group of free catholic women along side a church formerly a catholic church that was appropriated by the church of england. They then built a new catholic church in two of the houses. Some of the women were buried in the courtyard formed by the houses.
Oldest and most expensive cigar shop in Amsterdam
6 student apartments in a very small house
Cash converters equivalent
Slaughterhouse positioned between mens and womens convents and convenient o the canal for dumping off-cuts
2nd best hotel in town with many bronze sculptures
Narrowest house in Amsterdam, adjacent to a cemetery (with the skulls.
The crown above the Amsterdam crest has only recently been restored but doesn't indicate royalty, just aspiration). The crest's red, I don't remember, the black band represents the Amstel. The XXX was from the crest of the admiral (I think), other members of his family also use X so around town you see evidence of other members of the family with 2 and 5 X.
East india company era spice shop.
The old church was originally built as st nicholas by catholics, but was appropriated by the protestants. They then moved to the chapel in the attic as the second st nicholas, then in early 1900s built the st nicholas that stands today.
Alleyway leading to the window girls in the red light district.
Lunch in an indonesian restaurant near dam square DHL bike devivery