Dampier (Woodside gas, solar salt works)

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Tue 22nd Dampier
Visitor centre of Woodside's north west shelf gas project. On site is a gas cleaning and refrigeration facility to take gas down below liquification temp of -131? down to -161 where stored and pumped into tankers for export. Byproducts are light diesel oil. Off shore one rig does some processing to increase amount of condensate that flows back to shore, it is central point for a number of rigs and more wells. They have ability to drill down, and then across. There is also a ship Cossack Pioneer which is in a mostly oil field with some gas that processes direct to oil tankers and pipes gas back to gas rig. Evaporation off the LNG is used to run onshore power station and to fuel tanker ships.
Saw Dampier solar salt works, and closed train museum

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