To Eucla.

Fowlers Bay was as ghost bay as made out. It sits in a plain surrounded by salt bogs. The roads to town have been build up a metre higher, but get off the road and you may be bogged depending on tide? There are a line of sand dunes on the ocean side.
Dingo in car park of petrol station at Nullarbor roadhouse. (Petrol seems a bit dearer out here (>$1.70). c.f. $1.20 in Brisbane)
There are trees on much of Nullarbor where road passes. The area near the sign "Nullarbor Plain - Eastern End of treeless plain" was the 20-30km of fewest trees on this (southern) road. There were photos taken every 20km.
There are some impressive cliffs. Nearer Eucla there is a lower plain below the cliff. On this plain was the Telegraph Station, and the Eucla international airport.
There are some impressive campervans. Some towing the car on a trailer, others just the car. Saw 4WDs being towed, with tinnies on the roof.
At Eucla, saw ruin of telegraph station being covered by a sand dune. Cemetery was (partially?) moved to museum.