Overnight in historic buildings formed into a motel on banks of Darling. We are in an old draper's shop. There is a 1.5m high levee along the river bank that the motel backs onto. The grounds of the Bourke Riverside Motel are very well tended, and include tennis courts which double as a chook run.

Town has some magnificent old buildings.

Saw rebuilt Central Australian Hotel rebuilt in 1930s after William Gale's original burnt down 1936. His house is now a B&B. Library had file on William Gale incl family history contact Janet Gale. His 2nd wife's family seem to still be in town. Saw grave, and a couple of other graves.

Went out to historic weir & lock. William owned weir farm near the washpool. Weir was rebuilt in concrete in 1946?

At North Bourke (formerly West Bourke) is an old opening bridge. This is now a pedestrian bridge crossing of the Darling.

Saw paddle wheeler, but didn't take it because the 3pm doesn't run, and the 9am one only runs if 4 people are there waiting. The Back'o Bourke experience closes normally at 2pm in summer, but was closed anyway because of broken machinery.

You can drive over the flood plain of the river, which oddly are in the map set, including the river channels which are dry at the present.