The Family of David Horton & Kerry Raymond

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Release Date: 16 Jan 2005

Please read all of this page before exploring further!

These WWW pages contains information about the family of David Horton & Kerry Raymond, who live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. While many of our family lived in Queensland, our family is spread throughout Australia and overseas to England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and China (just to name a few countries).

You can look up a person by name, or by navigating through the family tree. Here are some starting points:

To protect the privacy of living people, they are listed in the full name index but you cannot obtain any further details about them. If a living person appears as a parent/spouse/child of a deceased person, they are listed as "Living Surname" to enable you to see the family relationships without compromising the privacy of the living.

Do not copy information from these WWW pages. Only minimal information (birth, death and marriage details) is given about each deceased person (due to limits on our WWW space); in almost all cases, we have additional information not shown on the WWW. If you believe there may be a connection with your family, please contact us (David Horton & Kerry Raymond) to exchange more up-to-date and complete information.

Errors and Omissions

A family tree is rarely either complete or correct. The information on these WWW pages has been compiled from many sources, including:

Many of the sources have limitations, e.g. official records of births after 1919 in Queensland are not available to the public in order to protect the privacy of the living, which makes it very hard to trace living relatives. Many old records have been lost in floods, fires, or just through poor storage. In some cases, we have seen the original records; sometimes we have seen only copies, indexes or summaries of the original records. Some of the information we researched ourselves; some of it was given to us by others. Some of the information presented here has been confirmed by many independent sources, while other pieces of information may have come from a single (and possibly unreliable) source.

In order to improve the completeness and accuracy of this family tree, please let us know of any errors or omissions you find.

Notes on Family History

For those unfamiliar with genealogy (family history), there are a few points to be aware of: