Wilstead People of the Parish

These are indices to a series of booklets put out by Christine Rhoden. Below is from the introduction to one of the booklets.

The history of the village of Wilshamstead, more commonly known as Wilstead, in the county of Bedfordshire was produced fully in the book entitled Wilshamstead Homestead of Friends.
During the research for that book it became apparent that a large amount of information recording the daily lives of the villagers was available but could not be readily included in the history of the village. This series of booklets seeks to provide local, social and family history information on the day to day activities and events of a parish and its people.


  1. Turn of the 20th century
  2. 1841 census index
  3. Miscreants and misdemeanours (Vol 1 c1725-c1850)
  4. Miscreants and misdemeanours (Vol 2 c1850-c1900)
  5. 1871 census index
  6. Farms and farming vol 1
  7. Village folk
  8. 1861 census index
  9. A working life
  10. Public houses  and shopping emporiums
  11. Money, marriage and taxes & farms and farming vol 2
  12. The last word
  13. Village folk vol 2
  14. The last word vol 2