Installing edjpgcom

extract to -> \Program Files
           -> new folder, give permissions,

Send to comment variant

start cmd window

' Give youseld access to your rightclick sendto menu
> cacls c:\Users\horton\SendTo /E /G horton:F

> cd c:\Users\horton\SendTo
> start explorer .

create a shortcut in here to \program files\\edjpgcom.exe 
called "Comment JPG"

Next browse in Windows explorer to edjpgcom.exe
Right click -> properties
At the bottom of tthe general tab is Security. Click the [Unblock] button.
Apply, OK

Now navigate to a JPG file, right click -> Send to -> Comment JPG

(Bloody warning that can't appease the warning).

Open with variant

Add as edit program

control panel -> set program defaults
associate file type with program
double click .jpg

add program --> \program files\\edjpgcom.exe

Now right click a jpg file
open with -> edjpgcom.exe

(crap name, but don't get dumb warning).