Stone Quarry Cemetery, Ipswich

Address: Stone Quarry Road, Jeebropilly, Ipswich (UBD 210 Q-16)
Opened: approx. 1875
# graves: ~190
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Aboriginal place names - jeebropilly - flying squirrel gully
Ipswich City Council - history of Stone Quarry Cemetery and Ipswich country churches and cemeteries
Moreton Shire, Queensland: Discovery & Settlement" by Joan Starr

From information sign at the cemetery:

Stone Quarry Cemetery
The Stone Quarry Cemetery was once known as Jeebropilly Cemetery, and before that as Seven Mile Creek Cemetery. It was set apart for a permanent reserve for a Cemetery in June 1875 by the Department of Lands, after a petition signed by 28 residents of Seven Mile Creek was presented to the Colonial Secretary.
Five of the petitioners, one from each religious denomination, were selected as Trustees in December 1875, and by April 1878 they had cleared and fenced the site and notified the Under Secretary of Lands that the Cemetery was ready for public use. The first recorded burial was in 1879.

In this Cemetery rest many of the pioneers of the Rosewood, Ebenezer, Jeebropilly and Amberley districts. They came in the middle of the 19th Century largely from the United Kingdom and Germany, and established their homes near the Seven Mile where bullock wagons, drays and carts crossed the Bremer River on their way to the Darling Downs.
They were mainly farmers and would have found the country here very different from that which they had left. Nevertheless, they persevered, reared large families, and paved the way for rapid development that later occurred in the Rosewood District.

In the book "Moreton Shire, Queensland: discovery and settlement", it is described as Ebenezer Cemetery.

The cemetery has 6 distinct portions probably corresponding to the different religions.

Photographed: Sept 2005

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