Rafting Ground (Old Moggill)? in Pullenvale

Address: Hawkesbury Rd somewherePullenvale Road, Pullenvale. (Opposite Rafting Ground parks)
Opened: approx. 18xx
# graves: 2

More information
Descendants of Moggill Pioneers
No memorials could be found. The area is now a sports field.

According to a book "Mud maps of Moggill" by Libby Wager [1988] (BCC library 994.21 MUD), This was Moggill (old) cemetery. It is now the Council dump on Pullenvale Road near Rafting Ground Park. Two Heathwood children were buried here, their graves enclosed in a picket fence. Later a gum tree marked the spot.

The location in Pullenvale Road appears to be completely wrong, and was most likely in Hawkesbury Rd, Moggill, QLD. Brisbane City Council has apparently surveyed the Pullenvale Road area with ground penetrating radar and has not found evidence of graves.

Photographed: Dec 2006

Names in cemetery order

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