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Tumbulgum  Cemetery, Tweed Heads area 18

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This historic cemetery was rescued from the enveloping rain forest in 1993. Original rain forest species were replanted, including the Bird Wing vine, necessary in the breeding cycle of the endangered Richmond River Bird Wing butterfly.
    The team also built access paths, seats and rest areas. The information for the above summary, and the list that follows, were supplied in May, 1998, by the Tweed Shire Council.
    To reach the cemetery, exit the Pacific highway, about 16km south of
Tweed Heads, or about 13 km, north of Murwillumbah, travel 3km, & turn
right to cross the river, and right again, twice, to follow the river bank south.

Baker Charles, d 3-4-1892, aged 38, labourer, b Buckingham, England
Baker Eliza, d 22-3-1902, aged 66, widow, b London, England
Baker William, d 6-6-1901, aged 69, farmer, b Bristol England
Boardman John Albert, d 13-5-1888, aged 3, b Nerang Cr, Q'l'd
Booth Arthur, d 12-3-1907, aged 12hrs, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Booth George, d 16-4-1906, aged 18hrs, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Boyd Mary, d 9-1-1872, aged 39, b Sydney, NSW
Brand Charles William, d 10-12-1891, aged 15 mths, b Coonbalah
Brown Sydney Robert, d 18-8-1896, aged 6wks, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Burke Stephen, d 21-6-1887, aged 26, Labourer, b Ireland
Cameron Christina, d 17-5-1870, aged 8days, b Tweed River
Campbell Euphemia, d 17-1-1907, aged 34, b Newcastle, England
Cashin Kenneth, d 27-4-1879, aged 7mths, b Tweed Junction, NSW
Chappell Martha, d 5-4-1903, aged 81, widow, b Nottingham, England
Clancy Michael, d 22-1-1889, aged 48, road constructor, b County Clare, Ireland
Cochrane William Butler, d 12-2-1885, aged 34, store keeper, b Dundee, Scotland
Cook John Murray, d 11-9-1885, aged 63, b Ireland
Coolo David, d 30-1-1896, aged 40, labourer, b South Sea Islands
Curry Maggie, 10-8-1903, aged 6 mths, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Dearbarg Sydney Charles, d 14-12-1893, aged 1, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Dinsey Elizabeth, d 25-2-1884, aged 65, widow, b England
Doig Henry, d 13-8-1875, aged 42, boat builder, b Scotland
Evens Jemima Bruce, d 3-7-1901, aged 33, b Spalling, England
Fanning Margaret Agnes, d 24-9-1895, aged 42, b Campbelltown, NSW
Finn Thomas Ambrose, d 20-1-1899, aged 3yrs 8mths, b Dunbibie
Fletcher Harry, d 25-5-1890, aged 10hrs, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Forder Elizabeth, 29-9-1893, aged 72, b Middlesex, England
Forder Elizabeth, d 28-9-1894, aged 72,
Gilbert George, d 21-1-1904, aged 45, labourer, b Hayle, Cornwall, England
Graham William, d 17-10-1905, aged 60, labourer, b Providence Is, West Indies
Gray Beatrice, d 8-8-1871, aged 6 days, b Tweed River, NSW
Gray Charles Joseph, d 5-6-1879, aged 45, farmer, b England
Gray Thomas, d 6-4-1899, aged 90, farmer, b Wattham Abbey, England
Hamilton Mabel, 22-2-1891, aged 5mths, b Sydney, NSW
Hanley Timothy, 12-11-1905, aged 34, labourer, b Tipperary, Ireland
Hawkins Herbert Henry, 24-2-1887, carpenter, b Ireland
Higgins Harry, d 19-8-1900, aged 5 days,
Hildridge George, 26-5-1888, aged 19, labourer, b Ireland
Homes Johnathon, 25-12-1882, aged 40, engineer, b England
Housman Sophia, d 1-1-1903, aged 64, b Carrington, Nth England
Jamierson Gertie Annie, 22-2-1905, aged 1 day, b Bilambil, NSW
Johnston Mary, d 1-4-1888, aged 20 mins, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Jones John, d 20-8-1881, aged 42, labourer
Law Charles, d 6-12-1902, aged 34
Liffo Harry, d 20-3-1904, aged 60, labourer, b Loffo Is, South Seas
Logan Alexander, d 15-9-1888, aged 58, storekeeper, b Sydney, NSW
Logan Christina Sarah, d 12-4-1877, aged 2yrs 7mths, b Tweed Junction, NSW
Marshal Jeanie, d 2-1-1888, aged 61, widow, b Paisley, Scotland
Martin Alfred B, d 25-12-1882, aged 24, surveyor
McGilvray Alexander, 2-10-1902, aged 51, farmer, b Aberdeen, Scotland
McGilvray John, d 12-5-1881, aged 2yrs 8mths, b Tweed River
McGilvray Neil, d 20-1-1896, aged 1, b Tumbulgum, NSW
McGilvray Neil, d 31-3-1898, aged 50, b Inverness, Scotland
McKell Charlotte Elizabeth, d 26-4-1891, aged 32, b Hobart, Tasmania
McLeod Christina, d 4-8-1873, aged 1yr 8mths, b Tweed River, NSW
McLeod Donald, d 15-2-1880, aged 65, farmer, b Scotland
McLeod Harry, d 17-2-1886, aged 28, kanaka labourer, b South Sea Islands
Michael Michael, d 14-11-1874, aged 1mth, b Tweed River, NSW
Milm Henry Robert, d 17-3-1886, aged 24, labourer, b England
Modder Willie, d 22-10-1903, kanaka labourer, b Modder Is, South Seas
Moriarty Patrick, d 18-9-1880, aged 25, labourer, b County Kerry, Ireland
Mumling James, d 26-2-1903, aged 50, kanaka labourer, b South Sea Islands
Myers Dorethea Cecilia, d 30-8-1898, aged 3mths, b Murwillumbah, NSW
Neilson Andrew, d 23-5-1894, aged 45, labourer, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Nelson Robert Thomas, d 24-6-1902, aged 7mths, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Nelson William, d 12-8-1902, aged 53. roads maintenance man, b Kuma, NSW
North Henry Thomas, d 15-11-1902, aged 37, b England
Ogilvie David, d 20-12-1877, aged 41, ship carpenter, b Fanfanchine, Scotland
Osborne Joseph, d 11-8-1870, aged 36, farmer, b Somerset, England
Page Gerald Roy, d 30-1-1900, aged 5yrs 6mths, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Page James Guy, 4-7-1905, aged 77, Store Keeper, b London England
Page William, d 19-12-1902, aged 36, farmer, b Cleveland, Q'l'd
Parker Emily, d 15-4-1899, aged 7, b Stott's Ck, NSW
Pohls Detlef, d 24-2-1904, aged 58, labourer, b Germany
Poole Joseph, d 27-7-1892, aged 26, farmer, b Cambridgeshire, England
Poole Josephine, d 12-3-1893, aged 7wks, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Prewitt Edith Graham, 7-12-1902, aged 14 wks, b Southport, Q'l'd
Pringle James, d 9-8-1890, aged 53, farmer, b Selkirkshire, Scotland
Riley Luke, d 8-9-1888, aged 25, labourer, b Clare, Ireland
Ritchie John, d 2-12-1900, aged 80, farmer, b Montrose, Scotland
Ritchie John, d 7-2-1888, aged 25days, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Ritchie Mary, d 7-7-1907, aged 79, b Marlborough, Ireland
Rivers John, d 17-10-1901, aged 44, farmer, b Heredfordshire, England
Roberts Hilda Enid, d 22-12-1894, aged 1mth, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Roberts Samuel, d 14-10-1900, aged 52, maintenance man, b Lancashire, England
Rush Michael, d 30-10-1883, aged abt 35, labourer, Ireland
Sievewright Rosena, d 2-1-1888, aged 3yrs 6mths, b Fiji
Skinner Clara Elizabeth, d 8-10-1876, aged 10mths, b Inglewood Farm, Tweed River
Skinner Harold Edward, d 14-12-1886, aged 3mths, b Tweed River, NSW
Skinner Henry William, d 24-6-1889, aged 68days, b Byangum, NSW
Skinner Henry, d 5-10-1895, aged 75, farmer, b Sussex, England
Skinner William, 16-3-1888, aged 5 weeks, b Tweed River, NSW
Smith John, d 21-5-1883. aged 50, farmer
Smith Patrick, d 24-8-1871, aged 60, farmer, b Dublin, Ireland
Stanley Thomas, d 25-12-1882, aged 25, labourer, b Ireland
Stewart John, d 28-10-1886, labourer, b Scotland
Straughair William Robert, d 8-8-1903, aged 38, farmer, b Yakandanda, Vic
Sullivan Richard Tresillian, d 23-12-1891, aged 48, doctor L.R.C.P.E., b Bandin Co Corke, Ireland
Tanna Jack, d 8-9-1890, aged 26, kanaka labourer, b Tanna , South Seas
Thompson Alexander, d 28-10-1886, aged 32, labourer, b Scotland
Trute Ellen, d 9-4-1884, aged 32, b England
Turner Jack,24-4-1893, aged 4mths, b Tumbulgum, NSW
Wacim John, d 7-7-1904, aged 15, labourer, b Maloola, Q'l'd
Wallace William, d 2-1-1895, aged 35, labourer, b Glasgow, Scotland
Warne William, d 29-8-1904, aged 69, farmer, Cornwall, England
Waugh Elizabeth, d 2-9-1893, aged 33, b Tweed Heads, NSW
Waugh Ellen, 26-12-1903, aged 76, pensioner, b Cavan Ireland, 
Waugh Margaret, d 22-7-1874, aged 14yr 2mths, b Tweed River, NSW
Wonki Mark, d 27-4-1896, aged 30, labourer, South Sea Islands
Woods Thomas, d 28-1-1888, aged 27, labourer

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