Indexes and Photos of Cemeteries in S-E Qld and Northern NSW


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List of Lone Graves

This page is our collection of lone graves.  We would love to hear from anyone who knows of a lone grave so we can record them before they disappear for good. To view the photo and transcription simply click on the individuals name.  (ktish64@gmail.com)





Date of Death

Cranky Rock, NSW Francis Nicholls Bartlett 3 Mar 1991
Jimbour Station, Qld Joshua Peter, Joshua Thomas and Margaret Miller Bell  
Coomooboolaroo Station, Qld Ann Bourne 17 Jul 1899
Hughenden (Outside), Qld Mailman Corbett 1886
Canning Downs South Alice Jane Craike 10 Jan 1882
Stanthorpe Shire Henry Doro 12 Sep 1905

Cabarlah, Qld

Johann Kahler 1868
Cabarlah, Qld Mary Kahler 1879
Cabarlah, Qld Pauline Kahler 1878
Rosevale, Qld August Kerwitz 21 Oct 1890

Leyburn, Qld

Henry Kirby

28 May 1854

Warwick, Qld

?el Owen/s

10 Feb 1887

Gladstone, Qld

Thomas Milles Stratford Riddell

16 Sep 1864

Rosevale, Qld Christof Rieck 12 Jan 1888
Rosevale, Qld Marie Rieck 10 Mar 1883

Glen Innes, NSW

Maurice Tobin

12 Apr 1955

Boyne Island, Qld

William Trevelyan Wyndham

8 Jul 1898












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