Lawnton Pine Rivers Memorial Inscriptions

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Lawnton Cemetery (Mary Bray Park), Pine Rivers

Address: Norfolk Ave, Lawnton, Pine Rivers
Opened: 21 Oct 1880 (first burial), 22 Nov 1887 (gazetted)
# graves: approx 600 headstones, 170 collumbarium, 700 lawn

Was also known as North Pine Cemetery.

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Partial trascription by Judy Dickson
THE SKERMAN FAMILY 1860 - 1935 by Percival James Skerman
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Brett Prentice's photos of Lawnton?
See also "In loving Memory of: the History of burials in the Pine Rivers Shire", Melva A Welch, Pine Rivers Shire Council. This excellent book contains burial registers, trustee lists as well as history.
Historical map of Brisbane Valley

Photographed: 11 Feb - 4 Mar 2007

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