Grytviken, South Georgia Island

Address: Grytviken, South Georgia Island
Opened: approx. 1902
# graves: ~20

Grytviken was a whaling station on South Georgia Island (South Atlantic). Most of the gravestones have Norwegian names, as most whalers were Norwegian.

Shackleton was very famous and memorial plaques were set from all over the world to affix to his tombstone. Alas there were too many and most had to be placed in the church.

The cross at the top of the hill is of a german Sailor.

The church of Grytviken is/was being restored by the British troops on the island in their spare time.

More formally this is the Norwegian Lutheran Church Cemetery.

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Photographed: 1 Dec 1996

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Latitude -54.2856124709862, Longitude -36.50713911279592
Latitude -54° 17’ 8", Longitude -36° 30’ 26"

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