Goodna General Cemetery, Ipswich City

Address: Stuart Road, Goodna
This is a very active cemetery with a distinction between the older and newer sections. Our initial set of photos cover older graves. Mostly we included graves from before 1950. We estimate this to be approximately 25% of the cemetery.
This does note include any of the memorials in the Heritage Park Crematorium which occupies the north-eastern corner.
Opened: approx. 1859
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History. : The first recorded burial in this cemetery was in November 1873, but there are believed to have been 29 earlier burials. There are now around 1000 graves and a Crematorium has also been built on part of the 10ha site.

The Descendants of Mary Adsett

Goodna Presbyterian Church Demolished May 2006 - Goodna Cemetery Goodna, Ipswich Shire, Queensland, Australia

Photographed: 7 May 2005

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Latitude -27.61657056105531, Longitude 152.8855331235064
Latitude -27° 36’ 60", Longitude 152° 53’ 8"

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