Baptism: 26 May 1872 St Matthew, Ardwick, Lancs.
William Percy Radford - [Child] of Augustus Radford & Elizabeth
Abode: 22 Moreton St. Occupation: Engineer
Baptised by: G. W. Hearle Curate. Register: Baptisms 1865 - 1876, Page 120, Entry 955
Source: LDS Film 2148084 {}

Baptism:- 26 May 1872 Ardwick, St Matthew, Lancashire, England.
Father:- Augustus Radford. Mother:- Elizabeth Davies.
Given Name(s): William Percy. Last Name: RADFORD
Death Date: 30 Jan 1887. Gender: M
Age: 15y. Approx. Birth Year: 1872. Marital Status: C
Relative 1: Relative 2:
Residence: Wisanger Kangaroo Island. Death Place: Wisanger Kangaroo Island
District: Adelaide. Symbol: S. Book/Page: 162/38
{Found in 'Death Index' Database:- S.A.G.H.S.} [Buried at Emu Bay Cemetery. Plaque installed at Cemetery, June 2016]

CORONERS INQUESTS. ILL-TREATMENT OF A BOY. [By Telegraph.] Kingscote, February 7. The adjourned inquest was held by Mr. J. W. Daw, J.P., at Kingscote to-day, on the body of Percy Radford, a lad aged 15 years, who died suddenly on Sunday, January 30. The enquiry was opened on February 1, and postponed for a doctor to come from Adelaide to make a post-mortem, the body being badly bruised. Dr. Ellison said he had duly examined the body, and found it in an advanced state of decomposition. The tissues round the kidneys were bloodstained and adherent. There were also signs of local peritonitis. The injury was such as might have been caused by a recent blow. He was of opinion, under certain circumstances, that what he described227that was the injury to the tissues round the kidneys227would be sufficient to cause death in the way of shock or exhaustion. Under appropriate treatment the boy might have recovered. The injury would probably be caused by violence. He had no evidence to show any external wound, the body being too decomposed. He could not give an opinion as to the bladder, not having seen it. By Nash
The boy must have been in much pain before his death. He believed the injury would be more recent than six weeks prior to the boy222s death. The injury to the kidneys would accelerate death. Deceased might have gone about his duties, but he was suffering from pain. Sickness would be a symptom of his injury. It would also cause pain in the stomach and head. Kent Nash said227The boy received a blow by accident. While cutting suckers my axe slipped and struck the boy on his left hip. I said, " Oh, it hurt yuo, my boy." He said, "No, Mr. Nash." I should have mentioned it before if I had thought of it. John Florance deposed227Nash came to Mr. Bell's for Mrs. Florance, and told her the boy was bad. He is an excitable man. He is harsh-spoken. Never heard that the boy's ankle was put out through Nash kicking him. The boy came to me when ploughing crying and said, "Nash kicked me because I did not pick up enough scrub." He asked leave to spend Christmas with me, and I said, "Yes: will Mr. Nash let you?'' He said he did not know, and added, "Nash ran a pitchfork into me the other day." The boy was crying. I was raising a stump, and could not get it up. I said, "You better go home. I must do 5 chains grubbing or get no supper." The Jury returned the following verdict:227"That William Percy Radford come to his death by violence. There is not sufficient evidence to criminate any person, but there is evidence that Kent Nash brutally treated deceased. The boy was insufficiently fed, and therefore suspicion is left in our minds that he caused his death. We are of opinion that the authorities are to blame in delaying to dispatch a doctor till Saturday." Upon hearing the verdict Nash contended that there was not one tittle of evidence to support it, and that it was arrived at through prejudice. He is now taking steps to clear himself of the slur cast upon him by the verdict.
[Upon enquiry at the Destitute Board Offices in Adelaide we learn that this boy Radford had been in no way under the care of the poor-law authorities.]
{Evening Journal, Adelaide, Tuesday 8th February 1887} 247~247~247~247~247~247~247~247
Copyright: Mr Kym Scholz, Kangaroo Island Branch, National Trust of South Australia

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