Wivenhoe Pocket Presbyterian

Address: Ardmory?, Wivenhoe Pocket, Esk Shire.
Opened: approx. 1880

There was a Uniting (Presbyterian?) Church presence at Wivenhoe Pocket since 8-Feb-1881 when the elders were first appointed. Their first church building was to have opened in Jan 1890, but was delayed by floods. There was also a Church of England church building in St Marks built in 1886. This was used by the presbyterian minister on alternate weeks. This church was washed away in the 1893 flood.

The region was affected by the construction of Wivenhoe Dam as properties of many residents were acquired for inundation of the new dam.

The last service (at the Uniting church?) was held 19 Aug 1990.

Ref: Vale Wivenhoe - story of Wivenhoe Pocket Church from 1881 to closing 1990 [Copy held by John Oxley Library at State Library of Queensland]
Anglican Archives doesn't list this Anglican church as closing. Any information would be appreciated.
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Photographed: by Julie Derm 1993

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