Christ Church (Anglican) memorial reserve, Milton, Brisbane

Built adjacent to the former Paddington cemetery (1843-1875), it is unlikely that anyone was buried in the churchyard. However, the closure of Paddington cemetery and its subsequent conversion into the Lang Park sportsground resulted in headstones being relocated to various locations.

In 1914, some unclaimed headstones were placed in the Memorial Reserve situated between Lang Park and Christ Church. There is a plaque to that effect in the memorial reserve.

Although very worn and almost unreadable, one of these unclaimed headstones appears to be that of the infamous Patrick Mayne and his infant daughter Evelina Selina. We believe that Patrick & Evelina were originally buried in Paddington Cemetery, but were re-interred at Toowong Cemetery in 1889, after the death and burial of his wife and her mother Mary in Toowong Cemetery. As Patrick and Evelina are included on the headstone in Toowong Cemetery, their headstone in Paddington Cemetery was probably left behind and forgotten about. As the Maynes were a staunch Catholic family, it is ironic that this headstone should have found its way into the grounds of an Anglican church!

Visit the church's WWW site for more information on the church and cemetery.

Address: 9 Chippendall Street, Milton (Brisbane, Queensland)

Photographed: Saturday 2 April 2005

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