Monument to Chinese Shepherds and Aboriginies

Chinese Shepherds were employed by early pastoralists in this district and these monuments are erected to their memory and that of aboriginies who lost their lives in encounters in the early settlement. The plaque on the monument at the Christmas Creek site is worded In memory of three chinese also aboriginies who lost their lives in the settlement of the district -Circa 1850 Erected by the Beaudesert Historical Society, 1986. There is another plaque at Brian Wards, Kerry (on private property) where there was a chinese hut and chinese graves. Another one is at Kerry Creek where there was a hut. It was from all this history that the Beaudesert Historical Society decided to have a Shepherds Walk following the track taken by the shepherds. This walk (only organised by the Society) starts at the Christmas Creek monument, goes over the Ginbroken Range to the Washpool in the Albert River on Brian Wards property.The walk is approximately 9 kms. Near the site of the chinese graves is a plaque commemorating the house site of an early settler in the district - John Horan. The house was known as the haunted house. It was moved further up the Kerry Road and is now an addition to the home of John and Cherrol McGhee.