View of Paddington Cemetery from Petrie Terrace. The Mortuary chapel with its steeply pitched rood where the first services were held by the first Rector J K Black after the parish was formed in 1873 is on the edge of the cemetery. In the distance to the right is the Bishop’s Bourne (Now St Francis Theological College).
The Memorial Church, opened in 1876, and the rectory building with open verandahs.
Results of the severe storm that damaged the Memorial Church in 1890
The Governess House, Milton 1888, which later became the district nurses headquarter (the beginnings of St Luke’s Nursing Service, now with Spiritus – a member of Anglicare Australia).
School Room Church and Rectory as showing in the Church Chronicle published in 1 March 1900.
Reverend T Hely Wilson having tea with another priest in the Rectory’s garden in the 1930s. Note Lang Park behind the paling fence.
Children’s Corner at Christ Church Milton in 1930s.
Christ Church and hall on the corner of Hale and Chippendall Streets, surrounded by a wooden fence which was later replaced by a brick fence in memory of those who died during the war.
1930s in Victoria Park – horse and cart used to carry picnic supplies. Note Brisbane Boys Grammar School in the background.
The impact of the 1930 flood on Castlemaine Street
Milton in the 1930s, showing Morrow’s Biscuit Factory on River Road (now Coronation Drive). Note in the upper right-hand side: Petrie Terrace Girls and Infants School, Christ Church building, hall and Rectory, and the District Nurses House.
The Rectory building in 1930 showing the lattice work around both verandahs.
Headstones relocated to the Memorial Reserve after the closure of Paddington Cemetery in 1930s.
The headstone of Susan Ralls and son (aged 5 day) currently located in the Memorial Reserve behind the church.
The Church, the Hall and the memorial brick fence on the corner of Chippendall and Hale Streets in the 1960s. Note the trolley bus wire overhead.
Christ Church and Rectory in 1990s after the redevelopment of Hale Street ringroad.
Christ Church, today, after the Lang Park redevelopment.  Note Suncorp Stadium standing in the shadow of the Church.
Old Rectory Building after the Lang Park redevelopment.  Now, no longer the priestly residence, this building is utilized in the Parish’s outreach to the wider community.
A picture of harmony and sanctuary, the redeveloped gardens behind the Old Rectory and Precinct Grounds, featuring the “Memory” veil / wall of Suncorp Stadium.
The Christ Church Memorial Reserve after the Lang Park redevelopment.
Remaining headstones from the old Paddington / Brisbane Cemetery as they are placed today.
Christ Church Community Precinct Milton – a place of harmony and sanctuary, a unique oasis within the city of Brisbane.
Photo of Christ Church Milton