Bunya cemetery, Pine Rivers Shire

Opened: 5 Dec 1873 (gazetted)

We have no idea how many people are buried here, but there is only one remaining headstone.

The cemetery may have once been known as Cash's Crossing cemetery or Cashe's Crossing cemetery.
# graves: 1 visible. 16 recorded (see "history of burials in the south pine rivers shire" below)
Address: Bunya Road, Bunya (Pine Rivers Shire,Queensland)

Between 2005 and 2015 several markers have been placed in the cemetery.

More information:

[Reference: the History of Burials in the South Pine Rivers Shire (by Melva A Welch)]
Two cemetery reserves were gazetted in the parish of Bunya in the same year. Bunya Cemetery gazetted in Dec 1873 was described as being near Cache's Crossing. The other reserve gazetted in March 1873 was described as being at Chinaman's Creek. For over 100 years, Bunya Cemetery received no maintenance because trustees had been appointed from 1879 under "mistaken identity". The 1879 appointed Trustees who liven close to Chinaman's Creek, buried their family members and took care of those grounds ...
sixteen definite burials in Bunya Cemetery have been discovered.
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A lonely grave - Old Bunya Cemetery
Brisbane Courier account of the death of Thomas Broad and from the previous day too.

Photographed: Sunday 3 April 2005, re-photographed Mar 2015

More Info:
The history of burials in the south pine rivers shire (by Melva A Welch). Publisher: Pine Rivers Shire Council. This contains all the burials there.

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Latitude -27.35984039306737, Longitude 152.9275108190322
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