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Agency ID 10743

Beaudesert Cemetery Trust

Agency Type Statutory authority
Start Date Circa 1/01/1900
End Date 5/08/1937
Date Notes N/A

Responsibility for maintenance of local cemetery/ies

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Series ID Title From To
5953 Beaudesert Cemetery Registers 1/01/1901 5/08/1937
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Controlling Agencies

Agency ID Title From To
123 Home Secretary's Office 1/01/1900 5/12/1935
126 Health and Home Affairs Department 5/12/1935 5/08/1937
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Subsequent Agencies

Agency ID Title
322 Beaudesert Shire Council
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Information Sources

Cemetery Act 1865
Queensland Government Gazette, July - Dec 1900, Vol. LXXIV, No. 66, pp. 559-560
Queensland Government Gazette, Sep - Dec 1900, Vol. LXXIV, No. 93 p. 806
Queensland Government Gazette, July-Dec 1937, Vol CXLIX, No. 36, p. 349
Queensland Government Gazette, Sep - Dec 1964, Vol. CCXVII, No. 5, p. 65
Land Acts, 1910-1936
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Establishing Cemetery Act 1865
Crown Lands Act 1884
Abolishing Land Acts 1910-1936
Administered N/A
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The Cemetery Act 1965, which repealed Section 75 of the Municipal Institutions Act 1864, empowered the Governor-in-Council to appoint trustees to hold land in trust for the establishment or purpose of a public cemetery.

On 29 August 1900 the Governor approved the Rules and Regulations made by the trustees for Beaudesert Cemetery on 31 July 1900, and on 26 Sep 1900 the reserve for the cemetery was gazetted. (The first entry in the burial register was made in 1901).

Cemetery trustees had powers to enclose the land granted in trust for cemetery purposes and were responsible for the administration, upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery. Rules, regulations, accounts, trustee appointments and notification of closing of the cemetery were required to be published in the Government Gazette.

On 5 August 1937, the area of the cemetery was extended and the Beaudesert Shire Council was appointed trustee for the Beaudesert Cemetery Reserve under the Land Acts, 1910-1936, in place of the existing Beaudesert Cemetery Trust. (The area of the cemetery was further extended on 10 Sep 1964)
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID10743, Beaudesert Cemetery Trust
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