Looking Back


Allora's Past--100 years ago. 1900.

Canon Glennie's death- The Reverend Benjamin Glennie passed away peacefully at Wynnum where he had resided for the past eight months, and in him had passed away a pioneer of the Church of England who had laboured in its service for 40 years.  He was born in London in 1812 and was appointed an incumbent Priest of Moreton Bay in 1849 and of the Darling Downs in the same year.  The Reverend Glennie took charge of the Warwick Parish in 1860,  where he remained until 1872; afterwards being appointed to Drayton and then Toowoomba.

Owing to advancing years, he resigned in 1886 when he was appointed first honorary chaplain of the newly consecrated Brisbane Cathedral, and afterwards lived throughout the Downs with his wife Mary Brougham nee Crawshaw.  (Rev. Glennie's diary records, in 1849, his visit to the Downs when he gave a church service at Jubbs Hotel at Goomburra )?

Annual Licencing Act:

The annual licencing court was held in Allora before Messrs, W.Deacon, P.Donovan, T.C.Davies and J.H.Dickey, J.J.P.  The following renewals were granted: Princess of Wales, S.Gordon.  Tattersal's Hotel, J.Copelin.  Commercial Hotel, F.R. Kilmister; Royal Hotel, J.J.Lydon;  Club Hotel, J.Pass; Railway Hotel (Hendon), Jos Jackson.

27th. April 1900.

Club Hotel: Announcement was made by Mr. John Pass for the transfer of the licence of the Club Hotel from himself to Henri Masson.  A further announcement notified that the Club Hotel under the management of Captain H.Masson would shortly be renovated, and new commodious saleyards would be open for public accommodation free of charge.  Oysters would always be on hand and one of Edison's latest phonographs would shortly arrive. (When the Club Hotel situated on the site of the present Jubilee Gardens, burned down in 1917, the saleyards were used by Deacon & Co and Donovan & Son until the municipal saleyards were built in 1975).

October 1906.

Local Telephone Exchange.  A meeting of businessmen is convened to pursue the matter of a telephone exchange here.  Other places, half the size of Allora, have already moved in this direction and there is not the slightest question as to its vital necessity if we wish to keep pace with the growing importance of the town and district.

Presbyterian Service.  The Rev. D.McLennan will take for the subject of his service tomorrow night in the Allora Presbyterian Church,  "Heaven, where is it, what is it, and how to get there". Mr. McLennan will conduct the first service in the new Goomburra Hall on Sunday next, at 7.30 p.m.

September 1931.

Hotel being rebuilt.  The rebuilding of the Royal Hotel, destroyed by fire in April, commenced on Monday.  The new premises, comprising a two storied hotel, a shop and a billiard saloon, will have a frontage of 64 feet to Herbert Street and 36 feet to Drayton Street.  The cost of the building will be in the vicinity of £2,300. The contractor is Mr. E.C.Rice (Sandgate) with Mr. W.Leggatt supervising the work for the owner, Mrs. D. McKendry, Nundah.  When completed, the building will be a worthy addition to the new premises in the town.

October 1956.

School children hurt:  Fourteen children were hurt when the truck, in which they were being taken to school in Allora, collided with a guide post on the Forest Springs Road.  The children were thrown to the roadway and eight were subsequently taken to the Allora Hospital for treatment.  Two, Maria Cavanagh (5), and Christina Rickert (8) were admitted.  The truck is owned and operated by Mr. Percy Gartner,(58), bus proprietor, of Berat.  Mr. Gartner was licensed to use the truck to take the children from the Berat-Forest Springs area to Allora while his bus was under repair.

The Liquor Acts, 1912 to 1954.  Notice of Compensation.  The Licensing Commission has accepted the surrender of the Licensed Victauller's license in respect to the premises mentioned herewith.  Notice is hereby given that the following compensation has been awarded.  The Princess of Wales Hotel,  Allora.  Cecil Dudley Roberts,  Harold Charles Roberts and Douglas Roylston Roberts, Dirranbandi, as owners, £400.  John Nolan Phillips, of Allora, as licensee, £320.

Catholic Debutante Ball. 1956.

More than 500 Allora residents and visitors from all parts of the Downs attended the annual Allora Catholic Debutante Ball, held in the Central Hall on Tuesday night. Four young ladies, Miss Patricia Ryan of Allora, Miss Joan Willett of Glengallan, Miss Patricia Maher of Allora, and Miss Cynthia Purdy of Stanthorpe made their debut at the ball and were presented to Bishop Brennan of Toowoomba.  Matrons-of-homour were Mesdames J. Ryan, G. Henry and N. Hamill.

Catholic Debutante Ball. 1981.

The Allora Coomunity Hall was filled to capacity when two local girls took their step into society at the Allora Catholic caberet ball. The two girls were presented to Monsignor McMorrow of Toowoomba. The first deb to enter the hall was Lee-Anne Wallace, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wallace of Goomburra. Lee-Anne was partnered by Mr. Leigh Shapland of Spring Creek.  Second deb for the evening was Jennifer McVeigh, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pat McVeigh of Victoria Hill. Jennifer was partnered by Mr. Steven Stewart of Warwick.

Allora’s Past 1956


Tractor Overturns

A Massie farmer, John Joseph Cantwell, 51, was seriously injured yesterday, when his tractor overturned, and he was pinned beneath the machine for more than a quarter of an hour. Mr. Cantwell was rushed to the Warwick Base Hospital after a bulldozer had to be used to release him. The tractor was raised with the blade of the bulldozer, to free Mr. Cantwell, who although badly injured, remained conscious throughout.

Inquiries into the accident are being made by Senior Constable K. Collins.


October 1931


Electric Light

Awaited by the Allora Shire Council for some months, the Warwick Co-operative Dairy Association’s offer to supply electric current for private and street lighting, was received and accepted at Tuesday’s meeting. The Association proposed to supply the current in bulk from its Allora butter factory for an annual payment of 500 pounds plus 3d per unit of electricity.


 November 1956




Tuesday, 6th November

A half holiday throughout the Allora Shire has been granted for this meeting.

6 Races £300 Prize Money

Excellent nominations have been received.

Bookmakers will be operating on Local and Southern Events.

Refreshment and Publican’s Booth on the Grounds.

5/- Tote will be operating on local events and the Melbourne Cup.

Admission : Gents 10/-, Ladies 5/-.

                                    J. G. Hilton, Hon. Sec.



Messrs. Deacon & Co. and H. W. Stay & Sons report having had a Clearing Sale of 30 dairy cows and heifers on account of Mr. D. K. and Mrs. J. Black, Goomburra, on Friday last. Keen competition prevailed – the whole herd averaging £30. Prices were : Cows in profit £36/10/- to £39. First calf heifers £26 to £31/5/-. Cows in milk some little time sold from £26/10/- to £32/10/-.


Allora’s Past 75 years ago - November 1931


Lucky Escape

Ron Doyle, aged 14, an employee of the Warwick Co-operative Association’s Allora factory had a lucky escape on Monday, when practically every stitch of his clothing was torn off by the rotating main shaft.

Doyle was discovered nearly 20 minutes later by butter maker, Mr. W. J. Wright, clad only in shoes and stockings and part of his undershirt. It is believed that Doyle’s apron became tangled in the shaft when he was stepping over it.

After his return home, Mr. Doyle received medical attention, and beyond a few body bruises and a shaking, he was found to be none the worse for his experience.


Allora’s Past 100 years ago, November 1906


A Surprise Party

A number of friends visited Mr. and Mrs.  F. H. Kates at their beautiful residence, “Richmond”, on Monday night, armed with provisions enough for a small army, and conducted a surprise party. Surprised and surprisers alike entered into the spirit of the occasion and the affair was an unlimited success. Dancing was the chief amusement and the supper was a triumph of culinary art. Mrs. Travers R. Goff was installed as hostess. The invaders included visitors from Clifton, Headington Hill and elsewhere, all being received with the utmost hospitality by Mr. and Mrs. Kates.

Mrs. Travers Goff was the mother of Pamela Travers, writer of the Mary Poppins books.


Allora’s Past 25 years ago - December 1981



Bob and Marion Denny wish to thank all those who sent their congratulations on the arrival of their baby daughter, Rebecca Louise. Please accept this as their personal thanks.


Allora’s Past 100 years ago, December 1906


A Pugilistic Goat

A curious encounter, happily unattended with severe consequences, occurred on Thursday morning. An old identity named Dines, who is very much advanced in years, was making his way towards town and when on the far bank of the creek, near what is locally known as the Precipice, he was attacked by a large black billy goat which inhabits that locality. He was knocked down at the first onslaught and the pugilistic billy thereupon worried his victim who was unable to regain his feet till help came, by which time he was quite exhausted. This is evidently much too dangerous an animal to have at large and news of his demise will be received with satisfaction.


Allora’s Past 75 years ago - December 1931


Proposed Bowls Club

Information of a favourable nature was received at a meeting of the committee appointed to consider the formation of a bowling club in Allora, when it was reported that the licensee of the Memorial Park Reserve (Mr. W. Gilmore) would raise no objection to portion being used as a bowling green. Methods of raising funds were considered, but no recommendations were made. The chairman and secretary were empowered to prepare a report from information received from various sources. This will be submitted to a public meeting at a later date when it is confidently expected that definite action will result. The chairman, Mr. A. Hamilton, presided at the meeting and there were present, Dr. C. P. Sapsford, Messrs. John Holmes, W. Leggatt and J. Dean, and the secretary (Mr. S. Blair).


Allora’s Past 100 years ago, December 1906


A Remarkable Escape

What was described as a remarkable escape from injury or death by lightning, occurred at Goomburra. Mr. James Tickle was engaged in the afternoon milking when a tremendous flash of lightning struck the cow which he was milking, killing it instantly. Beyond a slight shock, Mr. Tickle sustained no injury, though the hair on his left arm was singed and there was a small mark on his foot.


Allora’s Past 25 years ago February 1982



A meeting will be held in the R. S. L. Memorial Hall on Thursday, March 4th, at 2 p.m., with the aim of forming a branch of the Women’s Auxiliary of the R. S. L. A.

All interested ladies are asked to attend.


Allora’s Past 50 years ago, February 1957




Reformed! Rejuvenated! Rewarded!

Would all players and intending players for the coming season please hand their names with Membership Fees to the President, Mr. P. Schriek, or Secretary-Treasurer, J. Hilton, as soon as possible.

Teams competing this season are Allora, Collegians, Eastern Suburbs, Killarney, Pittsworth and Stanthorpe.

So, come on boys, get together and bring Allora Football back on that high pedestal it occupied in the years passed.

You do your part and the public will give you every support.

                                    J. G. Hilton Hon. Sec.


Allora’s Past 100 years ago, February 1907


Mr. Travers R. Goff

Mr. Travers R. Goff, manager of the local branch of the A. J. S. Bank since the departure of Mr. J. H. Dickey, some two years ago, died on Thursday night last after a short but severe illness, aged 43 years, and his sudden demise came as a great shock to his many friends. Universal sympathy is felt for Mrs. Goff and young family whom the deceased gentleman leaves to mourn his loss. The interment took place in the Allora cemetery yesterday afternoon, the funeral procession being both long and representative. The Rev. H. T. Molesworth conducted the last sad offices at the graveside.

(Mr. Goff was the father of Pamela Travers, writer of the “Mary Poppins” books)


Allora Show

The twenty-third annual exhibition of the Central Downs A. & H. Assn. which took place on Wednesday and Thursday last, was an outstanding success, vindicating the decision of the executive to hold the show over two days for the first time. The entries in all sections touched on 900, an increase of 300 on last year. Close to 2500 souls passed through the gates during the two days. Grandstand receipts, however, were disappointing and were poor recompense for the large outlay the Association had made on that newly completed edifice. The usual complement of sideshows plied a brisk trade and the Methodist brass band discoursed sweet music at intervals. Tom Collins’ booths did booming business and Mrs. Collins provided a first class luncheon.

All in all, the committee can feel well pleased with the outcome of the show.


Of Unsound Mind

Malcolm Dines, a very old identity, aged 74 years, appeared before the local bench this week on suspicion of being of unsound mind. The medical certificate, and the general behavior of the unfortunate gentleman were strongly in support of the suspicion that his mind had given way, and he was ordered to be sent to the Toowoomba asylum.

Dines was, some little time ago, the victim of a savage attack by a large billy goat which mauled him severely, and he apparently never recovered from the shock that he experienced.


Allora’s Past 75 years ago, February 1932


Infantile Paralysis

Several school in the Allora district have been almost deserted since attendance has been restricted to children over 12 years following a review by the Department of Public Instruction of the Infantile Paralysis situation. At the Allora State School where the effective attendance last year was 153, only 43 were present on the opening day and since the recent decision by the Department, the daily roll has averaged 27. Official figures for other schools are not available, but it is believed that at Talgai West, only 3 out of 20 are attending. Country correspondents for Berat, Goomburra, Upper Forest Springs, Inveramsay and Mount Marshall report that at the most, 5 children as a daily attendance. The effective enrollment at each of these schools is between 20 and 30.


Bowling Club

Investigation by a committee resulted in the presentation of a comprehensive report on the establishment of a bowling club, to a public meeting on Monday night. Following lengthy discussion it was resolved that a club be formed, and that the necessary funds for the construction of a green be raised by debentures. Fourteen prospective members agreed to take at least one debenture of £5, and it was decided that a canvass be made to induce others to join. The meeting was then adjourned, as no further action was possible pending the review of the financial position.


Record Partnership

What is said to be a record second wicket partnership in Allora cricket history was established by the Allora Club against Toowoomba Waratahs on Sunday. Having disposed of the opposition for 78 runs, Allora faced the bowling attack. W. A. Gordon was caught off the first ball of the innings but George Rickert and Roy Stay combined to raise 182 runs, when the latter retired after scoring nine runs over his century. Rickert continued to score but with 97 runs to his credit he was given out leg before wicket.


Allora’s Past 100 years ago, February 1907


Death of Mr. George Clark

Mr. George Clark died at East Talgai on February 5th. The deceased gentleman arrived in the district from Tasmania about 50 years ago and in partnership with his brother, Mr. Charles Clark, ran a flour mill in Warwick. Talgai Station was shortly afterwards divided and the Clark brothers took over the eastern portion. During more recent years the Station has been managed by Mr. George Clark’s only son, Mr. G. C. Clark, who has been carrying on the breeding of stud sheep.

The deceased was buried in the Allora cemetery, Mr. Young, of the Catholic Apostolic Church, conducting the funeral service.


Allora’s Past 25 years ago, March 1982


Victoria Hill plays Clifton, Sunday 14th March, at 10 a.m. at Allora.

Victoria Hill team: Kerry Cranitch, Bill Easton, Lindsay May, Terry Doyle, Len Morris, Vic Fraser, Dick Thew, David Green, Brian Keleher, Colin Bell, Geoff Graham, Gary Meara (12th man).

Clifton team: Malcolm Duff (captain), Brett Brown, Wayne Brown, Mark Toomey, Billy Meara, Billy Maguire, Ron Gurney, Alan Richards, Freddie Ruhle, Stephen Drewery, Malcolm Fiechtner, Doug Currie (12th man).


O’HALLORAN (nee Newport). Garry, Bev and Alanna are proud to announce the safe arrival of their daughter and sister, Keeley Maree, born at Charleville Base Hospital on 19-2-82, weighing 8lb. 3oz.

Allora’s Past 50 years ago, March 1957

Sporting Highlight . . .The local cricket season is destined to close on an hilarious note this Sunday when a team selected from the local Bowling Club will play Goomburra at Goomburra. Arrangements are already in hand for a return match of bowls to be played in the near future.

The Bowling Club team will be picked from the following list of names : O. Smith, H. J. Holmes, Ray Hoey, Vic Smith, M. Holmes, C. Stay, C. Pacholke, R. Turner, J. Yung, L. Lancaster, M. Beattie, N. Bradfield, N. Guy, T. Jell, P. Connors, W. Connors, E. Geitz, Ray Lindwall (if available), Ted Jensen (official scorer. Time for departure will be advised on Saturday at clubhouse.

Results of this match, along with casualty list, will be published in next week’s Advertiser.

Sporting Highlight .

The long awaited cricket match between the local Bowlers and Goomburra took place on Sunday last at Goomburra. In a keenly fought match Goomburra were victorious by 3 runs, the scores being : Goomburra 153, Bowlers 150. Casualties included : G. Gilmore, Goomburra, cut above the eye; Bowling team, all very stiff in the joints.

The bowlers are confident that they will reverse the decision on the return match of bowls which, it is hoped, will be played on the 31st March.



I wish to advise the people of Allora and District that I will be taking over Mangan Brothers Allora Butcher Shop on Monday next, 1st April, and assure them of my best service at all times.

                                    D. R. Weier, Butcher.

Allora’s Past 127 years ago, March 1880.

The following is an extract from the diary of Spencer Briggs which will be released by the Allora Historical Society in book form this month. Inquiries to the Secretary.

17th March, 1880. St. Pat’s Day. Sports & cricket match & Ball.

Got up rather late. Headache not quite gone. Cricket match began at ½ 10, also sports which went off very well - Pat Doyle & Bob Andrews being the principal winners. Jumping not very grand. Highest standing jump 4 ft. 2 in. - not so bad. The caber was too heavy. Only Bob Andrews could turn it over, Mat Carroll being too tight. Mrs. Tebbett won the Old Women’s race for leg of mutton. Harry Dank won Pat Kelley’s race for a note. Cranitch had a fine booth & Mrs Leggatt a little one. Mrs. Tebbett only had one fight with a man who tumbled off his horse on top of her which was the best part of the sports. Sports knocked off at ½ 6. Allora beat Warwick easy at cricket. Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Rooney came in to dinner. Ned Collins got his teeth knocked out. Went to ball at Wills’ Hall in evening but did not dance much. More men than women. Got home at 4. Turned in at 5.

Allora’s Past 100 years ago, March 1907


Notes and Comments

There is an awakened interest in military matters in Allora and on Tuesday evening the town presented quite a martial appearance, or would have done so if all the raw recruits undergoing their initial drill had been attired in their proper uniforms. Then there are the school cadets, assiduously performing their weekly drill. These exhibit considerable enthusiasm and have long since obtained their guns with which they are fast maintaining a close relationship. But they still complain that they have no clothes, which fact tends to distract from their interest in the eyes of the public. However, they have been lately been presented with leggings, and although regarded as clothing, leggings do not amount to much, the fact of the school cadets obtaining them may be taken as an earnest that they will be properly uniformed before long. And certainly, if they are to obtain their outfits by degrees, it is encouraging to note that the authorities have started at the right end.

The above is an example of the writings and wit of Spencer Briggs which appeared in the “ Allora Guardian” under his pen name of “The Angel”

Allora’s Past 75 years ago, March 1932


New Royal Hotel

Having the unusual, yet pleasing, appearance of an old English inn, the new Royal Hotel which opened for business on Monday, is nevertheless designed to allow the maximum ventilation so essential for comfort in Queensland’s weather. The building has been charmingly furnished throughout with eight bedrooms on the first floor. Two bathrooms contain all the modern appearances. The building is lighted throughout with acetylene gas. Mrs. M. J. McKendry and Mr. McKendry are well known in the district, having resided in Allora a number of years ago.


Allora’s Past 75 years ago, March 1932


Fire Brigade Practise

Allora’s volunteer fire brigade extinguished its first blaze on Tuesday evening last. Fortunately the conflagration was of the brigade’s own making, a large stack of dry grass in a gully near the weir being fired for practise purposes. The pumping unit was manned, the water being drawn direct from the creek, and the nozzle men directed an accurate stream on to the blaze, extinguishing it in a few minutes. It is anticipated that changes will be made in the pump gangs, as it was found that the pump was operated with more success by four men rather than six, provided that the reliefs were proportionately brief.


Human Bones Unearthed

While working in the sandstone cutting at Deuchar, the men of the Massie Flat relief scheme unearthed portion of a human skeleton. From the shape of the skull, the remains are probably those of an aborigine. Residents of the Deuchar district state that in the early days aborigines were plentiful in that area. At the present time the skull’s temporary resting place is in the police office.


Allora’s Past 25 years ago, April 1982



Col and Marcia Young advise that Mr. Colin Gay has taken over their school bus runs and they would like to express their appreciation for all who have offered help and assistance during the years they have been in business and also to offer their thanks to the P. & C. Association for organizing their recent farewell evening.


WELCOME HOME to Mr. & Mrs. Neil Masters (nee Sharon Wright) Saturday, 17th April, Goomburra Hall. Jim Kelly’s Orchestra. Ladies please provide.


Allora’s Past 50 years ago, April 1957.


Anzac Day Commemoration Programme


Services are listed for the following times

4.28 a.m. Dawn Service – War Memorial.

9.30 a.m. Cemetery Service - Allora Cemetery.

2 p.m. assemble at Shire Hall for procession to War Memorial.

Boy Scouts and Public Bodies are invited to take place in the march.

2.30 p.m. Afternoon Service – War Memorial.

Speakers:- Sir Arthur Fadden, Deputy Prime Minister; Councillor J. Hoey; Mr. L. Ellwood.

8 p.m. CONCERT. Central Theatre.

Admission to Concert by silver coin.

Proceeds to Distressed Digger’s Fund.

                        J. W. Deacon, Hon. Sec.

Anzac Day Commemoration Committee.


To commemorate Anzac Day 2007 the Allora Historical Society have set up a display “Boer War to Vietnam” at the Drayton Street Museum. Open Sundays 1.30 to 4 p.m.


Allora’s Past 100 years ago, April 1907


Football Club Formed

A meeting for the purpose of forming a football club took place on Saturday night last.

There was a very fair attendance and Mr. W. Hawes presided. It was unanimously decided to form a football club, namely the Allora Rangers Football Club. It is evident, judging from the interest manifested in the proceedings, that the knights of the ball mean business this season. The election of office bearers resulted as follows :- President, Mr. W. Hawes; Vice presidents, Revs. Potter, Molesworth, McLennan, Smith, Dr. Pain, Messrs. Kates, Davies, Cordon, McLeod, Harvey, Kilmister, Symes and J. E. Flynn. A large and representative committee was also elected. W. Clarke was appointed captain, with J. Rynne vice-captain. A selection committee of W. Clarke, T. Collins, and W. Rynne was elected.

The colours selected were green and gold and the membership was set at 2/6.