Helidon Heritage Walk - War Memorial

This memorial was designed by Harold (Snow) Wrigglesworth, RSL president, and Keith (Joe) Jenkins, RSL secretary. Construction was by Zeiglers, Toowoomba Monumental Masons in 1978.

The monument bears the names of service personnel who lost their lives in WWI, WWII, Vietnam and other theatres of war.

'Long Tan Day' is commemorated in Helidon every year beside the grave of Private Frank Topp, in the Catholic Cemetery in Helidon Dip Road.

Turner Street
Turner Street was named after Mr. William Turner, the first manager of Hellidon Run (now spelt Helidon).
A Sydney based merchant, Mr Richard Jones, selected the Run in the early 1840's.
William Turner was sworn in as a magistrate in 1858, when the Commission of Peace was introduced.
Before the first high bridge over Lockyer Creek was opened in December 1956, Turner Street was part of the Warrego Highway, connecting Brisbane to Toowoomba and the west.