Some reference books - particularly family tree books

Jan Hoger

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Lorrae Johnson
"Our Wesche Connections" (1998) Out of Print
"Our Wesche Connections" is a 100 page A4 book Family History book, which  details of names, dates and places of Births, Deaths and Marriages of over 2000 descendants of  the Wesche families in Australia, including the families of Kaddatz and Schaper. The book also contains several short  stories on the nine children and includes photos from the 1890s. The Wesche family arrived in Australia in 1881 from Germany, and  originally settled in the Mackay  district. The parents and the two youngest members of the family moved  to the Hatton Vale district  in the early 1900's. Two of the older sons who initially remained in Mackay later married (in  1907/08) and settled in the Bundaberg / Goomeri districts.
"Our Madden Connections" (2002),  Descendants of Michael and Jane Madden - 1874-2001
"Our Madden Connections" is a 116 page A4 size Family History book.  This book details the dates and places of Births, Deaths and Marriages of over 1000 descendants of the Michael and Jane Madden. The book also contains several short stories on the children and  grandchildren as well as numerous photos from the late 1800's. Michael Madden arrived in Australia on the "Flying Cloud" in 1863, with  his parents, sister,  brothers and a cousin, from Limerick, Ireland. The family originally settled in the Ipswich district. Michael went droving and in 1874, he married Jane Smart in Rockhampton. Jane had arrived on the "Landsborough" in 1873. They eventually settled in Springsure.
"Madden Connections - 1863-2003" (Apr 2003) Out of Print
Patrick Madden arrived in Australia on the "Flying Cloud" in 1863, with his wife, daughter, 4 sons and a nephew, James, from Limerick, Ireland. The family originally  settled in the Ipswich district and James later brought out his two sisters and brother.  The book, "Madden Connections - 1863-2003" is a 364 page, A4 size, soft cover, Family History book. This book, released at the Reunion on 4 May 2003, details the dates and places of Births, Deaths and Marriages of over 3000 descendants. The book also contains many short stories and numerous family photos supplied by the descendants.
"Cross Country - Family Register" (Nov 2003)
The book is a register of the descendants of Charles Cross and Rose Flood who arrived in Australia as convicts per the 'NEPTUNE' in 1790. 700 plus pages. (A4 format) in excess of 30,000 descendants. All Names in Database fully indexed.
"Cross Country - Hayes Connection" (Jun 2005)
The "Cross Country - Hayes Connection" is a 270 page A4 size book, fully indexed, which covers the descendants of Charles and Rose's youngest child, Elizabeth, who married Richard Hayes (convict). It includes numerous photos and stories by various family members, as well as historical notes. The family started at Windsor, in the Hawkesbury district, and spread all over the world.
"My Mallyon Connections" (Jun 2006)
"My Mallyon Connections" is a 294 page, A4 size, family history book. This book, released in June 2006, details the dates and places of Births, Deaths and Marriages of over 600 descendants. The book also contains short stories and over 800 family photos supplied by the descendants, as well as details of the English and Canadian families. Henry arrived in Bowen in 1874 and settled in Springsure. He had two sons, the eldest settled in Clermont and the younger settled in Springsure. This book celebrates the 100th wedding anniversary of the younger son. Section One is 132 pages on his descendants. Charles, Susan and the three youngest children arrived in Maryborough in 1874 (one month after Henry). Susan died in Maryborough and the family settled in the Ipswich region. Section Two is 128 pages on Henry's eldest son, his Brisbane relatives as well as families in England and Canada. Section Three is a 40 page descendants Family Tree. All sections are fully indexed

Future books in the planning stage

"When the Young People Rode - The First Twenty Years of the reformed Springsure Rodeo - 1950-1969"
Based on the 500+ slides taken by A H Owens (Tom); write-ups from 'Hoofs and Horns' and the home movies taken by RWH Thomas, Esq. Due for release on 9 September 2007.
"Granma Worley"
This book will cover the descendants of Mary Melia, who arrived in Moreton Bay in 1842 with her husband, Thomas McGuire. They had two daughters, before she was widowed and then married Robert Worley and settled in northern NSW. Following the death of her eldest daughter, she moved to Esk, and raised her five grandchildren (thus the naming of the book). Her second daughter settled in Mackay and her only son stayed in northern NSW. A lot of the early history was researched by Greta Sturton. This book will be dedicated to Greta and $1 from every book published will be donated to "Leukaemia" research. Expected date of release will be in time for Christmas 2008.