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SOUVENIR-CHARTERS TOWERS, 1872 TO JULY, 1950                 Page 61

The Late  William Henry Clark

William Henry Clark
The Late William Henry Clark

About the year 1877, his father con­ducted a bakery business, just below the present site of the Crown Hotel.

Mr. Clark snr. was responsible for the formation and operating of the Gold Mining Company known as the "Clarks Victory and Worcester." This company having worked out the ground contained in the lease, transferred the capital and resources of the company and used same to open up and operate the "Clarks Gold Mines" close to Towers Hill. This mine produced a large quantity of gold and was the last of the deep mines on the field to keep working.

After the death of his father the late William Henry (Billy) Clark took over his father's interests in the Crown Hotel and mining activities. He always had a very keen interest in mining matters and attended lectures and classes at the School of Mines, studying mining methods and metalurgy.

The town owes quite a debt to him, for the long hours of work spent over a period of many years studying plans of the old mines and the characteristics of the field, he was responsible more or less for the opening of the present "Black Jack Gold Mining Co.," the Butler Block, the Swedenborg and the latest mining company which attempted to de-water the "Wallis Day Dawn No.6" and which commenced drilling operations in March, 1950, to prove a theory of the late Billy Clark's that certain intersections of reefs would take place at depth.


Staff : Acting Principal: F. T. Borchardt, B.A., B.Ed.
English : J. A. Robertson, B.A.
Languages: J. A. Robertson, J. Lynch, B.A.
Social Studies: J. Lynch, B.A. Science: C. M. Cameron, B.Sc. Mathematics: F. T. Borchardt, B.A., B.Ed.
Commercial: W. G. F. Pryor, N. A. Hume.
Domestic Science: P. A. L. Crow, E. E. Crowley, L. E. Buckby. Manual Training: P. W. E. White. Intermediate: E. L. Bright, W. F. Friemann, S. J. P. Penberthy, C. J.Yeats.

Courses: Academic, Commercial, Domestic Science and Manual Training. Junior Teachers' Training College.
Enrolment: High School, 52; Inter­mediate, 140.
Extra Cirricular Activity: Sports, Cadets, Junior Red Cross, Public Speak­ing, Debating, Folk. Dancing, Musical Appreciation.
Sporting    Successes : Aggergate Shield Girls' Secondary Schools Athle­tics; Ball Games Cup (Girls); Under 14 Aggregate Shield for Boys; Individual Cups-Under 16, Under 14 Champion­ships (Charters Towers Secondary Schools' Athletics).
Ground and Buildings: Improve­ments; top-dressing tennis courts; gar­dens; renovation of school buildings.

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