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The cottages are for aged men and women who are well enough to care for themselves and desire the privacy of their own cottage. Married couples are also accommodated in the cottages.
A total staff of fifty-five are on duty three eight-hour shifts daily, to cater for the needs of the inmates of the Home. As there is a daily. average of one hundred patients in the Hospital Wards the employment of a large staff on duty is a necessity.
At Eventide the inmates receive well cooked and tastefully served meals, clothing-, tobacco, matches, medical service and medicine, sympathetic nursing and kindly attention at all times. For this £1/4/6 weekly, is taken from their pensions and the remaining amount of 13/- is retained by the pensioner for the purchase of luxuries not otherwise provided by the Home.
There are no harsh regulations and the inmates are free to come and go as they wish. The aim of the entire staff is to ensure the comfort and contentment of these fine old pioneers of North Queensland in this haven of rest - Eventide.

Millchester Couple Celebrate Golden Wedding

TUESDAY, 17th January, marked the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sellars of Millchester Road, Charters Towers.
Married in Townsville on the 17th January, 1900, Mr. and Mrs. Sellars have lived in Charters Towers all their married life with the exception of seven years which were spent in Kulrildala from 1912-1919.
The early years from 1900 to 1912, Mr. Sellars was engaged with his father and brothers in cyaniding- operations in and around Charters Towers and in 1912 he went to Kuridala to construct a locomotive for the Hampden Cloncurry Copper Mining Company and later was appointed Traffic Manager for the same company.

The family followed and the next seven years was spent in that copper town. This of course was during World War I and Kuridala held a population of about 3000 people.
After the war and when copper dropped in price, Mr. and Mrs. Sellars and family moved back to Charters Towers where the carrying and forwarding business of Arthur Powell was purchased and this was carried on until 1946 when it was sold to the present owners.

During- this period Mr. and Mrs. Sellars reared four children and twin girls died in their infancy. The children living are Mrs. J. Shore, of Sydney; Mrs. R. Honeycombe, Townsville; and Mr. E: and Miss Ruby Sellars, Charters Towers. There are three grandchildren Mrs. Syrett (nee Peggy Shore) Inverell and Ken and Neal Sellars of Charters Towers.
To celebrate this anniversary, a party was held on Tuesday evening, 17th January, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. E. Sellars, Towers Street, where many old friends gathered to wish them good health and happy years to come.
Among the guests was a Mrs. Phillips, who was bridesmaid at the wedding. The best man, Mr. Archie Sellars, was unavoidably delayed in Brisbane and sent his best wishes.

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