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Mine," owned and operated by Mr. Joe Donovan, situated about four miles from the Town.
This mine is on the Imperial line of Jade. It was worked originally by Mr. Donovan, senior, about the years, 1930-2. The father of the present owner always maintained that values would be located in this mine and Mr. Joe Donovan promised his father on his death bed that he would work the mine and prove his father's theory.
After returning from war service in World War II, Joe Donovan commenced 10 work the mine in April. 1946. and to date five crushings have been put through the Venus Mill.
    1949 34½ tons averaged 2½ozs. per ton.
    1949 l1½ tons averaged just over 2 ounces per ton.
    1949 50½ tons averaged just over 3     Ounces per ton.
    1949 51½ tons averaged 87 ounces.
    January, 1950 91 tons sands and concentrates still to come will bring the value to approximately 3ozs. per ton.

The Greek North Mine at Rishton

This mine was also worked prior to the World War II by Mr. W. Adams. It is situated on the Rishton goldfield on the Burdekin River, about 22 miles from Charters Towers.

In the years 1941-1942 working with a mate, W. Adams carried out certain development work and produced the following crushings.
From No. 2 Workings he extracted 95 tons 3cwt. of stone, 62 tons 17 cwt treated at Venus Mill, Charters Towers, and the balance, 32 tons 6 cwt, treated at Chillagoe State Smelters, for the following results.

Tons Cwt. Bullion Gold Yield    Stand Value 
Sands Assay (dwts) 
Total Value
May, 1941 20 12 29
90 7 8
6 225 19 2
Oct., 1941 21 2 26 3
75 5 9

188 4 4
Dec., 1941 20 13
4 96 17 4
28 2 242 3 4

62 7

646 6 10


Tons Fine Ozs Fins Oze Total Value
April,1942 7.0290 21.3682 11.9493 approx  213
August,1942 15.0950 136.4192 45.2850 1364
September,1942 10.970 20.6307 13.7 206

32 tons 6 cwt.


Work ceased owing to Adams' receiving a military call up, but work again commenced about July, 1949. Mr. Dakyn Peberdy, of Townsville, acquired a half share of the mine with Adams and a new shaft has been sunk. Plant has been put on the site and a small trial crushing of ore won from sinking of the new shaft was put through the Venus Mill, Charters Towers, in February, 1950, values being approximately 2ozs. per ton.
This reef although fairly rich is also very small. averaging about 9 inches in width.
As the earlier crushings from this mine averaged about 3 ounces per ton, it is looked forward with interest to see what results are forthcoming from this new venture.

Tuckett Bros.

These two bothers, Tom and Dave, could be regarded as two of the most experienced millers in the district today'.
Having worked in many of the deeper mines of the field they proceeded to "Sala Siding" in 1926, and opened up the "Welcome Gold Mine."
On this site a five-head battery was erected together with cyanide plant. A shaft was sunk to a vertical depth of
83 feet and a tonnage of 3000 tons of ore recovered for a value of almost £10,000 (gold at the old price).
In 1935 the Tuckett Bros. re-opened
the "Rose of Allandale" mine and up to
1950 have produced about 800 tons of ore valued at approximately £15 per ton.
With the increased price of gold, Tom and Dave Tuckett have now decided to return to the "Welcome" lease and intend to strip down the shaft and

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