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THE City of Charters Towers is situated 82 miles in a south westerly direction from Townsville: is approximately 1000 feet above sea level and the city enjoys a dry healthy climate.

An old gold mining town which in its hey-day had a population of approximately 30,000. Charters Towvers once was regarded as one of the richest gold fields of the world. Over £30,000,000 worth of gold has been produced from the fields.

At the present time the only gold mine worked on a large scale is the Black Jack Mine which employs about 50 men. Other smaller mines are also being worked and the average monthly gold yield for the past twelve months wvas 5,192 ounces.

Venus State Battery

Quite recently the State Mines Department have reconditioned the Venus Crushing Mill. This mill consists of a ten-head stamper battery with cyanidation plant and serves the requirements of some of the mines producing on the field and many small prospectors. Ores from the far North and West are also sent to this mill for treatment.

Schools To-day

As an educational centre, Charters Towvers is proud of its secondary colleges and schools, there being six secondary schools for boys and girls and a State High School and Technical College; in addition there are six State Primary Schools,

New Mental Home

Nearly two miles from the city, work of ground levelling is now completed on the new Mental Home, which is being built on 2,600 acres. Over £1,000,000 will be spent on the project and when finished it will be one of the most up-to date institutions in Australia.

Parking Area

Situated in Sayers Park, Hackett Terrace, Charters Towers
The City Council have provided a very fine camping area in Sayer's Park for the convenience and use of the travelling public. Among the facilities provided are Bathrooms, Laundry, Lavatories, Water, Light, Power Point and Cooking facilities.

The area set aside for the purpose of the Camping of Caravans will acommodate one hundred caravans. This has proved a boom to the travelling public and many have availed themselves of this camping area,

Charters Towers To-day

Among its now recognised glories is the growing of wonderful citrus (oranges, lemons, mandarins), grapes, grapefruit, melons, mangoes, papaws, passion fruit, custard apples, granadillas, bananas, almonds, olives, dates, coconuts, first quality, vegetables and mixed farming, dairying, grazing of cattle of finest breeds, horses, pigs, etc.

The city possesses one of the finest ww.iers in the Commonwealth, built in 1900 on the Burdekin River, at a point approximately 10 miles from the city and an abundant water supply second to none is available all the year around.

The City of Charters Towers is served by gas and electricity and regular daily bus services are operated to all parts of the town. A newspaper service, the "Northern Miner," is issued daily.

Fine sporting is available not too far distant from the city along the wvonderful Burdekin River. The Fletcher River, Cape River, Powlathanga Lakes, and many other such places provide excellent fishing and shooting.

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