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The Charters' Towers Water Authority

This Authority is operated by the City Council.


J. D. Cunningham (Chairman), G. J. Carbis, J. D. Hides, W. James, A. P.Romano .

Town Clerk:

Mr. J. G. McClelland.

Pumping Station Engineer:

Mr. P. Matthews.

Reticulation    Engineer:   

Mr.    H.  Swann.                

Origin of Water Supply:

This sup­ply is taken from the Burdekin River; the Weir and Pumping Station are situ­ated approximately 9 miles from the City.

Capacity of Weir:

400,000,000 gal­lons.

Plant at Pumping Station

Electrically Operated Pumps:

Two Multi Stage Thompson High Lift Pumps driven by two 170 h.p. A.G.E. Squirrel Cage Type Motors; one Multi Stage Vertical Thompson Low Lift Pump driven by a vertical 35 h.p. A.G.E. Squir­rel Sage Type Motors.

Maximum Pumping Capacity:

64,000 gallons per hour.

Steam Operated Standby Pumps:

 These consist of three Cornish Type Steam Boilers and two "Hawton Davy"
Compound Steam Engines direct coupled to plunger type Water Pumps.
Maximum Pumping Capacity: 38,000 gallons per hour.


Water from the Weir flowvs by gravity to the suction side of the electrically driven low lift pumper steam pumps. The electrical or steam pumps force the wvater through 8 miles and 75 chains long, 12 inch diameter, cast iron pipes against a head of over 700 feet or 300lbs. per sq. inch gauge pressure. On its way to the 1,800,000 gallon storage tanks. situated in the top of the hill in the city, the quantity of water pumped is measured by a Venturi Meter, which is located at Lissner Park. This meter has retorded during a twenty four hour period the pumping of over 1,000,000 gallons.


Population of Supply Area:


Number of Water Ratepayers:

Ap­proximately 2,000.
Nearly 84 miles of reticulation pip­ing varying from 9 inches to 1 inch in diameter is connected to the storage tanks on the hill.

    Financial    Data:

Assets    of    Water Authority on 30th June, 1949, £59,018; Revenue for period ended 30th June, 1949, £21,154; Cost for period ended 30th June, 1949, £18,331; Profit, Interest and Redemption for this period, £466.


Year Total
1926 11.59
1927 25.71
1928 28.39
1929 23.14
1930 25.63
1931 13.37 .
1932 15.11
1933 22.08
1934 20.81
1935 13.87
1936 29.51
1937 22.80
1938 22.04
1939 18.83
1940 27.02
1941 34.87
1942 24.07
1943 15.33
1944 35.21
1945 21.72
1946 28.35
1947 29.27
1948 15.36
1949 28.45
Average for 56 years

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