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All Blacks
Premiers 1949

Back Row: A. Sham brook, F. Miller, L. Milton, K. Gartrell, G. Della-Bosco, W. Hole, Ion Mann, M. Tyrell. Front Row: N. Martin, N. Price, G. Hartnett, J. Gilligan (Masseur), K. Sheldrick (Capt.), Joe Fisher (Pres.),
    P. Jones, G. Sills, H. Martin.
Absent: B. Keogh, Herb Martin (Secretary).

would be out on the side lines and enthusiasts from Townsville and other places would make the trip to see these wonderful games. Some of the outstanding players would be Schatzel, full-back; Crocker, five-eighth; Simpson, half-back; Ken Millet, Frank Millet and Jayasurie on the wing for Thornburgh. All Souls' strong players were Rancloud, Nakersheba, "Bluey" White and big Jack Harrison on the wing. It would be nothing to see Jack tearing along the sideline carrying at least three or four of his opponents with him. The stars of Carmel team would be Milner, Gorris and Arriotti. The play in these matches would see-saw up and down the field. Forward rushes, wonderful back line movements, and if an opening was there, it was usually taken advantage of. These combinations were really something to see, the ball was thrown about and always someone there to take it. Although the High School did not compete in the open grade they did produce a half-back of outstanding quality in young Billy Walker. He eventually went south and then to New Zealand, being often written up for a good solid game and fine work as half-back.

    "HASBEENS" versus "HADDITS"

During the 1949 football season, a benefit round was arranged by the Charters Towers Rugby League in aid of the
C.T. Ambulance Brigade.

Two teams quite appropriately named as the "Hadits" and "Hasbeens" took the field and played twenty minutes each way.

The play was fast and furious for the first ten seconds, but the Referee, Mr. Les. Lingard, kept the game under strict control and many and amusing were the movements that did not bear fruit. The game ended in a draw, and will be long remembered by the football fans of the Towers,

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