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the Towers Jockey Club secretaryship from his father in 1910.
Mrs. Frances Mary Carvolth, King Street, claims to be one of the oldest born natives of Charters Towers. Born in 1874, Mrs. Carvolth has lived here all her life.

She was the wife of the late Herbert Pound Carvolth, who was a selector on the Broughton. Her father was the late Mr. Harry Neep, an engine driver.

Mr. and Mrs. T. Dungavell.- Tom Dungavell was born in Rootpark, Parish of Cornwath, Scotland, and arrived in Australia in 1883, on the sailing ship "Eastern Monarch" when he was only twelve years of age, his wife Alice, was born on "Woodhouse" Station, on the Lower Burdekin, and they were married in July, 1893.    Their family of  twelve are scattered far and wide.

Tom Dungavell was first a teamster on the Picnic area and later on mining and worked at the Brilliant Central, Marshall Queen, Brilliant Deeps, Bonnie Dundee and Clark's Gold Mine.

His father at one time leased the "Prince of Wales" Hotel in Millchester, which was later called "The One and All."

William (Curly) Mann

An outstanding athlete was "Curly" Mann. He excelled in almost every phase of sport, more particularly football and cricket.

"Curly" was also a very fine euphonium player and was one of the most sincere bandsmen ever to play a brass instrument.

The last band contest to be held in Charters Towvers was about the year 1923; "Curly" at this time was out at Mt. Cool an, 120 miles away,

Having no means of transport into the town for the contest, he decided to walk and had reached Millchester Creek, only a few miles out of town, when a chap came along in a sulky and asked him if he would like a lift to town. "Curly" replied, "not on your life, I've walked 115 miles now and I'll flaming well walk the rest."

"Curly's" son, Ian Mann, Manager of the local Gas Works, also has had a fine career in the athletic world. At the State High School, about the year 1929. he broke the record for the broadjump in Under 14 Years, which has not yet been broken. At the Richmond Hill School, Under 12 Years Jump, he cleared 4ft. 6in., which was one inch greater than his own height (in the All State School Sports). Ian won the Junior Bowls Championship in 1946 and was runner-up in the Open Championship in 1947.

About the year 1936, he was one of the best full-backs we had seen for some time and on one occasion in a match against a visiting Home Hill team, as full-back, he took the ball on his own 25 yard mark and practically beat everyone of the opposition to score between the posts at the other end of the field.

In 1949, after a break of 13 years, he staged a comeback and always got his game in each representative team picked, as a centre or winger.

Another achievement worth mentioning is that Ian Mann was appointed Manager of the Charters Towers Gas Company in 1939, at the age of 23 years, which position he still holds. I do not think that any other person has been appointed as Manager of any other Gas Works anywhere in Australia, at this young age.

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