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One story is told of Herb Lee sending a case of fruit to a customer down the line, who replied and said the fruit was no good and refused to pay. Herb wrote demanding payment and eventually the client sent along a cheque but pointed out that payment was being made under protest. Herb replied stating that the protest had been dismissed.

One day in the cafe one of the town toughs, a man about 16 stone (Herb by the way would not pull any more than about 8½ stone), treated himself and a mate of no better calibre to a ding dong three course meal; when finished he said. "Oh I say Herb, these are mine." Herb flew off the handle. "Mate," he said, "there are sixteen other cafes in the town, why flaming well pick on me. Oh, if only I could be Primo Carnero for just 10 minutes."

Although he left the town many years ago, he always held a great interest in the old Towers and only last year he made a donation of £50 to the City Council to be used in a street beautification scheme.

Two Old Veterans-Mr. and Mrs.  Charlie Archer, Senior

What a grand old couple, past the eighty years. mark and still hale and hearty. It may not be good taste to tell a lady's age, but I know Charlie won't mind me letting you in on a secret, he was 82 years of age in October, 1949.

     A sportsman of the highest ranking, a hard working man in his earlier years and at the age of 70 years could cut his two cord of wood a day along with the rest of them.
As a gunman he has had no equal; at the present time Old Charlie still takes an active part in the local Clay Pigeon Club's programmes and still scores his possible occasionally.

The holder of at least two championships in the early days and the winner of challenge and other events far too numerous to relate. It was at a picnic day at the Black Jack School when another champion shot, Jack McLean, challenged Charlie Archer to a ten-bird live shot for a wager of £100 a side. A deposit of £10 was paid down on the spot and the Headmaster of the school at that time held the stakes. The shoot was conducted at a spot very close to the old Peace's slaughter yards, just outside the town boundary. Charlie, like the champion he was, shot a possible ten birds, but McLean shot poorly to kill only four or five birds.
Charlie Archer
A holder of many pigeon shooting titles and championships, Mr. Louk Hughes, of Sydney, spoke in very high terms about Charlie's ability with the gun after an outing when Charlie was in rare form. Louk Hughes stated that he had come to Charters Towers to reecive a lesson in duck shooting. Amongst the other fine gunmen of the day names like Albert de Castres and Bricky Henry stand out and much spirited wagering took place at some of these early day shoots.

A funny incident which happened at the Powlathanga Lakes caused Charlie Archer's son "Bill," to write the following poem.

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