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Page 20        SOUVENIR-CHARTERS TOWERS, 1872 TO JULY, 1950

could be assured of some severe criticism from the "Eagle."

The "Eagle" always boasted that it never shirked its duties, but I believe that the word "Libel" must not have been included in the dictionary used at that time.

The following is an extract from the "Eagle," printed 25th November, 1899. Although the customer's name has been deleted, it definitely was published as well as the name of the hotel.
"The following receipt has been handed to us and we wish to advertise it so that the proper owner may claim it. We believe it is the property of Mr. .... , of the .........Hotel.

The receipt is as follows :

Sadds Ridge, No. 150~

Ch. Towers, 1/11/99.

Bought of L. SHING & CO.


121b. Sugar

1 lge. bottle Sauce
1 doz. Apples  

1 Melon  



Paid by Cash.

    We would like to call Mr.  .....  attention to the fact that he can buy his groceries cheaper from  whiteman store just opposite. At least he can get a large bottle of sauce for 1/4. Does it not seem strange that he would sooner pay 2d. extra to the Chow. We would also like to remind Mr.....    that he does his business with the white men so he should buy his goods from white people."

Not only did the Chinese population come in for some critical comments in the "Eagle," but the local municipal council and police force were apt to be in the news any tick of the clock. The following are just a sample of what the Editor of the "Eagle" might print; there were hundreds of such articles printed, but I shudder at the thought of even reproducing them.

New "Eagle," 25/11/1899.-There is a shop in Gill Street where a number of girls are employed at wages ranging from 5/- per week.
The girls very frequently have to return to work after dark and are never paid overtime. We have further been informed that often the wages of girls working there are a month or two in arrears and the proprietor pays them on such irregular intcrvals that he sometimes actually forgets the amount owing to them. One girl who had at one time been employed there at the amazing wage of 5/- per week got disgusted with the long hours and small pay, left. The girl in question states that she was paid 5/- or one week short. The tailor in question asserts that he paid the girls wages in full.

"Eagle," 25/11/1899.-The inhabitalnts of Bridge Street, near the Park Hotel, complain that the people who let houses in that vicinity do not exercise a too nice discrimination concerning their tenants. A house has been let to some people of very undesirable morals and habits.

"Eagle" November 1899.-Mr. Smith, Ahoy! Hold on there; there 'are so many Smiths. We mean the Smith of savage monkey fame who lives in that two storied house near the. .. Is it true that you employ a Chinaman to cut your wood at your dwelling. If so, don't you think you ought to employ a white man to do  the job. Y ou didn't make your money out of Chows. You made your money out of amalgamating and speculating. In other words, you made your money out of white men and you should in fairness spend it with white men for preference to aliens. We don't want to be too tough on you for a start, but if you continue this informal practice we will be under the painful job of exposing you to the public. And you know the "Eagle" never shirks its duty.

The "Eagle," 1899.-Charters Towers Market : We would strongly urge of the a tten tion of our tired aldermen the benefit that would accrue to the white people of Charters Towers through the establishment of municipal markets. Would somebody kindly stick bodkins into the tender portions of the aldermanic anatomonies and keep them awake while we are talking to them. In any town where the aldermen do not suffer from torpid liver. markets have long since been established, but the only means by which the ratepayers on the Towers can hope to have anything done for them is to bundle out the present aldermen and replace them with men whose ideas and energy are up to date.

Extract from "Eagle," 23/9/1899.-A woman who was arrested by a policeman in Townsville last week charged the policeman with blackmail. She stated that she had been arrested, but was released on the payment of some money.

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