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LiveSpaces Queensland is a project to extend the LiveSpaces infrastructure base developed at the e-World lab at the University of South Australia. The UniSA LiveSpaces work is an investigation into pervasive computing technology for collaborative spaces such as meeting rooms. Their prototype LiveSpace is a software platform that supports the use of a wide variety of input and display devices, resulting in a technologically augmented meeting room.

LiveSpaces Queensland will focus on extending the LiveSpace platform. In particular, it will concentrate on creating a mobile LiveSpace implementation that can easily be transported and deployed from room to room. Other goals of the project include:

Allowing multiple LiveSpace deployments to be federated together, in order that meetings between augmented sites can take place.
Finding simpler ways for information to be moved into, out of and within the LiveSpace.

Creating a set of diagnostic tools to facilitate the configuration, status, fault monitoring and visualisation of the LiveSpace.

Allowing the LiveSpace platform to be used as an experimental platform for groupware research.

LiveSpaces Queensland will find applications initially in the defence domain, but will also be transferable to other intense planning domains such as disaster response and policing.

Contact Point:
Martin Wanicki
Phone 07 33658360

Martin Wanicki - Boeing Australia
Ted McFadden - DSTC
Clinton Roy - DSTC
Tinni Choudhury - DSTC
Joh Whitty - University of Queensland