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CORBA Services
DSTC offers a range of commercial quality implementations of OMG standard CORBA service specifications. These implementations are scalable, multi-threaded and federation capable.

Notification Service
CosNotification is the OMG specification for event handling and publish/subscribe messaging. dCon - DSTC's CosNotification Service offering - combines the latest notification technologies with open standards to provide a distributed object solution for event distribution.

is DSTC's implementation of the OMG's CosNotification specification. The latest version of dCon is 3.0

The older dCon 2.2 release is still available for download:

Meta Object Facility (MOF)
MOF and XMI are the OMG specifications for metamodelling, metadata repositories and metadata interchange. dMOF - DSTC's implementation of MOF and XMI - includes a MOF metamodel repository and compiler and metamodel interchange tools. It also includes tools for translating user-defined metamodels into MOF conformant "moflets" and metadata interchange tools.

is DSTC's implementation of the OMG's MOF 1.3 specification. The XMI editions also include generators that implement the OMG's XMI 1.1 specification.

Note: dMOF is available for (free) only.

For any information on purchasing DSTC software licenses, please contact:

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