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MetaEdit is a third generation meta editor from DSTC, for the creation and maintenance of high quality metadata conforming to Dublin Core, AGLS (AS5044) and relate metadata standards. Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, the key features of MetaEdit include:
  • automatic validation of metadata records against standard and site-specific metadata schemas,
  • context sensitive support for controlled term lists,
  • context sensitive support for subject thesauri, with term searching and completion,
  • supplied with metadata schemas for Dublin Core (DC), Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS)(AS5044), and Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC) metadata including related thesauri and controlled lists,
  • support for custom metadata schemas (created using MetaSchema), custom thesauri and custom validators,
  • record templates for populating records with default elements and values,
  • support for loading and saving metadata as HotMeta metadata repository records, RDF files, XML files, HTML skeleton files,and DIF spreadsheet files,
  • support for in-situ editing of metadata embedded in existing HTML documents,
  • context sensitive "tool tips" for the user interface and the current record schema,
  • a configurable user interface with multiple floating or docked tool pallets, and
  • a full on-line user manual.

MetaEdit can be used stand-alone, or in conjunction with a HotMeta Broker. In the former case, MetaEdit can be used to create self contained metadata records or to embed metadata in HTML web pages from whence it can be extracted by a harvester such as the HotMeta Gatherer.

In the latter case, MetaEdit supports the full metadata life cycle for records stored and managed by a HotMeta Broker. This includes manual input of records, editing of gathered records, quality control vetting and record release, and disposition of old records. The relevant MetaEdit features include:
  • a "summary" display mode,
  • a sophisticated record selection mechanism with VCR controls for bulk metadata vetting,
  • support for "hot linking" from a record displayed in a HotMeta query result page,
  • display of a Broker record's admin attributes and/or audit trails, and
  • integration with HotMeta's customizable access control and workflow mechanisms.

MetaEdit is implemented in pure Java™ for portability.

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