Windtrainer exercise programs

The programs below are assumed to be run on a computer beside your Windtrainer and will count you down to the transitions to different exercises or recoveries within the program. The program launches in a new full-screen window. The countdown starts immediately, but there is a pause button. The last 10 seconds of an exercise are counted down in red.

Available exercise programs
Blackburn-4B4 - Ramp intensity at 100 PRM then Intervals at 90-100 RPM - 1 Hr,
Blackburn-3B3 - Intervals high RPM and standing [1hr]
Blackburn-7B7 - Ramps (1 hr),
Basic3030 minutes basic exercise
ResistanceBike-01Resistance bike #1 - Intervals - 1Hr,
Interval-SpeedAlt30 minutes speed interval from ArchAngel at
Interval-UpDown110 minutes Up-Down from ArchAngel at
Boutcher20 min of super short intervals - Prof Boutcher UNSW,
CadenceWorkoutCadence workout
Sprint_WorkoutSprint Workout (45mins),
Blackburn-11B11 - 100 RPM power ramps (1 hr),
Interval-Speed30 minutes speed interval from ArchAngel at
Blackburn-2B2 - High RPM intervals - 1 Hr,
Blackburn-9B9 - 90/100 RPM intervals (1 hr),
Blackburn-10B10 - 90/100 RPM intervals (1 hr),
Time_Trial_WorkoutTime Trial Workout (45mins),
Hill_WorkoutHill Climb Workout (45mins),
Interval-Power60 minutes power interval from ArchAngel at
Blackburn-1B1 - Intervals - 1Hr,
Interval-PowerAlt60 minutes power interval from ArchAngel at
Variety_WorkoutVariety Workout (45mins),
Blackburn-8B8 - 100 RPM training (1 hr),
PedalStrokeWorkoutPedal Stroke Workout
Blackburn-12B12 - Single Leg exercises and out of saddle (1 hr),
Blackburn-6B6 - Ramps (1 hr),
Blackburn-5B5 - 1-3 min effort intervals efforts (1hr),